Review Ethics

Gaming Buzz are committed to transparently reviewing games, hardware and software fairly and our goal is to provide a clear, unbiased opinion on the products available, and let you know if we think they’re worth your hard earned cash.

We feel providing a single opinion isn’t always the best way  to review a product, as different people have differing needs so we have a community of reviewers who may review the same item. Differing viewpoints may mean a differing score, but we’ll always make it clear who’s opinion you’re reading.

Community Reviews

Our community hardware reviews are written by community members who have used the item they are reviewing for at least a couple of weeks and the vast majority of the items they are reviewing have been purchased by Gaming Buzz as a consumer or the reviewer themselves. We think this provides a more user focused review that let’s you understand the pro’s and con’s of living with the item we’re reviewing. Though we don’t think manufacturers providing review samples bias professional reviewers it does allow manufacturers the opportunity to provide “Golden Samples” that are not reflective of the normal customer experience so we will disclose any instances where we receive samples from a manufacturer.

Sponsored Reviews

We DO NOT create sponsored or paid for reviews as we believe a “Sponsored Review” cannot be impartial, if we create any sponsored content it will always be marked clearly for you.