XEL, the Time-Hopping Sci-Fi Adventure, Gets a Release Date and All-New Gameplay Trailer

Tiny Roar
Assemble Entertainment
PC (Microsoft Windows), Nintendo Switch
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Release Date
Jul 12, 2022
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A love letter to old-school Zelda titles, XEL arrives summer 2022

Assemble Entertainment and Tiny Roar are delighted to reveal the release date of XEL, the highly anticipated 3D action-adventure, wibbily-wobbily, timey-wimey RPG due to crash land on PC on July 12, and Nintendo Switch on July 14.

XEL tells the epic sci-fi tale of Reid, a young girl who becomes stranded on a strange, exotic, bizarre alien world. Together with her sidekick Chap, Reid must use her newfound ability to jump through time and space to uncover the strange, dark secrets of the planet she now has to call home. How is she connected to this planet?

Ship-wrecked (or should that be Spaceship-wrecked) on the alien world of XEL, Reid must venture out and piece together her shattered and broken memories.

XEL is a beautiful callback to the old, top-down RPGs, and really tries to evoke the nostalgic spirit of classic Zelda titles. A true passion project from the developers, the world of XEL manages to merge familiar gameplay ideas with updated and modernised mechanics, all woven together in an intense sci-fi mystery.

The planet of XEL isn’t all it may seem to be, and it holds a dark, sinister secret. This darkness can be found throughout the timeline, lurking in the shadows throughout all history here. Play as Reid and solve the mystery of her history, and stop both her, and this planets doom.

The first 30 minutes of this epic space odyssey can be played on Steam as a demo right now!

Check out the trailer for XEL below!

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