World War Z Trinket Screenshot
World War Z Trinket Screenshot
World War Z Trinket Screenshot | Courtesy of Saber Interactive

World War Z: Aftermath Teams Up with Warhammer 40,000 for a Special Skulls Festival Treat!

Grab Your Free Warhammer 40,000 Trinkets in the Co-op Zombie Shooter to Celebrate the Skulls Festival!

Today, we’ve got some exciting news from Saber Interactive. They’re gifting us a pair of delightful Warhammer 40,000 trinkets for their adrenaline-fueled game, World War Z: Aftermath. This comes in honour of the much-awaited Space Marine 2. How thrilling is that!

If you’re a fan of either Space Marines or Tyranids, it’s time to parade your loyalty. As you hack your way through a horde of ravenous zombies or Zekes, you can now jazz up your game with chibi-styled Lieutenant Titus and Hormagaunt Tyranid trinkets. The best part? These trinkets are inspired by Space Marine 2 and they’re absolutely FREE for all World War Z: Aftermath players. Happy Skulls Festival!

Saber Interactive is fueling the Skulls Festival fever till June 1. So, mark your calendars for more Warhammer content. Let’s plunge into the immersive world of World War Z: Aftermath, whether alone with your trusty AI squadmates, or in a co-op party of up to four players.

Speaking of immersion, World War Z: Aftermath, powered by Saber’s dynamic Swarm Engine™, lets you experience the intensity of their optional first-person mode. There’s also a revamped melee system to dismember the undead more effectively and a chance to level up eight unique classes with distinct play styles and customisable loadouts.

If you’re new to Saber Interactive, they’re a powerhouse publisher and developer known for their exhilarating titles like Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, World War Z, SnowRunner, and Evil Dead: The Game. Partnered with Games Workshop, the UK-based global producer of fantasy miniatures, they bring you these Warhammer trinkets.

We encourage you to get your hands on these trinkets and add some Warhammer zest to your zombie-slaying spree. Don’t forget to share your experiences below or join the buzzing discussion over on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the game, and these new additions.

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