World of Warships PC celebrates Summer with a boatload of new content

Lesta Studio,
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One
Release Date
Sept 17, 2015

TRANSFORMERS collaboration, a new map, major improvements with HD textures, weather effects, gun firing, explosions and much more…

Publisher and Developer Wargaming, the people behind World of Warships are launching their latest content update, this time featuring a new map to do battle over; the Faroe Islands. Not only a new map, but the return of the Convoy battle-mode, and the third instalment of the collaboration with the Transformers franchise.

Lets go into a bit more detail about the update.

New Faroe Islands map

Coming in this update is the new Faroe Island map, which was selected by players last Autumn. Designed to be fought over by Tier 7 and up ships, battles on this map will be set against a backdrop of vast mountain ranges, meaning that your barrages will have to be timed correctly, lest they fall harmlessly against the side of the mountains.

Latest of the graphic improvements: U.S. Destroyer models see a revamp

Several US Destroyers have had their models significantly updated and upgraded. The Mahan, Benson, Fletcher and Gearing have all been revamped, with slight changes to how they perform in game too, to better balance them against your enemies. The broader gameplay features of these ships will stay the same, however. Update 0.11.6 will bring more of these updates to the ships that have been in the game for a while, with the Sampson, Wickes, Clemson, Nicholas, Farragut and Sims all scheduled for revamping.

Alongside the specific improvements to these ships, World of Warships is also getting a number of graphical updates and improvements across the board. Visual effects have been being worked on and overhauled since the beginning of the year, and this update is no different. Expect to see some major improvements including HD textures, better weather effects being refined on a number maps and brand new effects for guns firing, depth charges detonating, and aircraft explosions on the decks of destroyed carriers.

The return of the Convoy battle mode

Convoy mode is back for battle! Fought in teams of 12 with ships of tiers 8 and up, two randomly chosen teams will participate in an attack and defend battle across one of six different maps. Players will have to escort two to three AI convoys of cargo ships, sailing a pre-defined route. Either the defenders will manage to fend off the attacks, and beat the enemy back, or the attackers will sink the lot of them!

TRANSFORMERS are back, and as you might expect, there’s more than meets the eye!

To commemorate the third collaboration with the Transformers franchise, World of Warships will have special content available to players. Special camouflages are now available for certain ships, like the USS Iowa getting a Freedom Fighter skin to represent the Autobots, and the German Bismarck getting the Messenger of Oblivion skin to represent the Decepticons.

This limited-time content will only be available throughout the update, so it’s time to deck your ships out with some excellent trim!

Check out the trailer for the latest update for World of Warships below!

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