Within A Dead City Surrounded Screenshot
Within A Dead City Surrounded Screenshot
Within A Dead City Surrounded Screenshot | Courtesy of Moonroof Studios

“Within a Dead City”: The Adventurous New Game by Moonroof Studios

Hero management enthusiasts, your wait is over! Moonroof Studios, an independent developer from Cleveland, is all set to launch a fantastic new adventure game, “Within a Dead City”. This immersive experience, set to release on PC on August 7th, is inspired by the PC classic, Majesty.

Moonroof Studios, known for their delightful titles like the local multiplayer Dwarven Depths and the farming roguelite Moondrop, has now plunged into a different genre. Their upcoming game beautifully encapsulates the thrill of running an Adventurers Guild amidst a dangerous and eerie land.

Within a Dead City | Gameplay Trailer

“Within a Dead City” is a tiny 4x game that places players in control of a roster of audacious heroes, each seeking gold and glory within the confines of a ruined capital. Heroes in this game are uniquely independent; they act on their own volition, performing tasks such as slaying monsters, raiding lairs, and vigilantly defending your guild outpost.

However, these venturesome heroes have a touch of greed. They may occasionally take on challenges larger than they can handle, which adds an exciting element of unpredictability to the game. Players must contend with various complications, including monster attacks, wrathful gods, and heroes who may choose discretion over valour.

To master this game, players need to employ strategic thinking. Bounties can be placed on monsters, providing a tempting motivation for your heroes to hunt them down. Establishing trade routes will be instrumental in fostering economic growth for your guild. And in critical moments, casting a well-timed spell could provide your heroes with the upper hand in combat, or rallying all your heroes to descend on a monster lair could be the decisive move needed to ensure victory.

As part of the Steam Next Fest happening this June, a demo of “Within a Dead City” is currently available for your exploration on Steam. Get a taste of the exciting challenges that lie ahead and start shaping your strategy for success.

Mark your calendars for August 7th, 2023, to dive into the full “Within a Dead City” experience. Until then, let’s make the most of the demo and get acquainted with this thrilling new world from Moonroof Studios.

You can currently download the demo of Within a Dead City and wishlist it on Steam.

We’d love to hear what you think about the game, and the demo. Share your thoughts in the comments below or join us in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to keep the conversation going.

Are you ready to manage your guild and strive for gold and glory within a dead city? The adventure awaits!

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