Wholesome Direct – Indie Game Showcase – Highlights

If you enjoy playing cosy indie games, Wholesome Direct has a whole bunch of great news for you!

The Indie Games Showcase aired on the 8th of June 2024 and treated fans of the cosy games genre to exclusive footage and news from over 70 games which inspire emotions such as optimism, joy, and introspection.

You can view the entire showcase here:

Wholesome Direct – Indie Game Showcase 6.8.2024

If you prefer to just take a look at the highlights, we have compiled a handy list of the most interesting titles for you here.

Caravan SandWitch


Embak on a journey into a sci-fi world inspired by real-life Provence in which you investigate the mystery of your missing sister. Interact with the communities local to the area, help them with their requests and take your time to explore the world in your caravan or on foot. Your van can be upgraded as you progress, which will make additional areas accessible to you. Explore various biomes and uncover ancient ruins to get closer to unraveling your sister’s disappearance.

A free demo of Caravan SandWitch is now available to play via Steam. The full game will be released in 2024.

Tiny Bookshop

Tiny Bookshop – Official Demo Trailer | Wholesome Direct 2024

Tiny Bookshop is a cosy management simulation in which you run a mobiloe second-hand bookshop in various locations. While you stock the shelves and pair books with potential buyers, you can get to know the locals and learn more about the community you live in. What happened at Bookston Burgh? And who really was St. Bookston??

Your little mobile bookshop can be customised and decorated to your liking with items you collect. Speaking of collections – players can also grow their stamp collection as they explore the nooks and crannies of Bookstonbury-by-the-Sea.

Tiny Bookshop will be released in 2025, but a free demo is now available on Steam.

Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island | Launch Trailer

The highly anticipated creature-collecting life-sim Moonstone Island lets you explore over 100 different islands where you can collect spirits, make friends, find love, and test your strength in card-based encounters.

Moonstone Island is available now on Steam!

The Palace on the Hill

The Palace on the Hill Launch Trailer

The Palace on the Hill tells a captivating story about a young boy in rural India in the 90s. You wake up on the first day of the summer holiday and are faced with farming losses your family is experiencing. Take on a part-time job at a chai shop and meet an old friend who moved to the city. Together, you can explore ancient ruins and make up stories about the past. The Palace on the Hill is a feel-good story about achievement despite social marginalisation.

You can buy The Palace on the Hill on Steam now.


Littlelands – Official Demo Trailer | Wholesome Direct 2024

Littlelands is a homage to childhood exploration and the adventure games we played as a child. The town and it’s surroundings are brimming with strange characters and and magical infrastructures. Experience epic adventures as you explore, grow berries, or search for treasure.

The release date for Littlelands is to be announced.

Undusted: Letters from the Past

Undusted: Letters from the Past is a game about cleaning objects in your mother’s house after she passed. You will discover stories long forgotten through memories invoked by restoring the objects. Carefully designed audio will help you to relax and unwind while getting that deep feeling of satisfaction while cleaning various items.

The release date for Undusted is yet to be announced but you can play the free demo on Steam now.

Travellers Rest

Travellers Rest is currently available in Early Access and will be getting a new update very soon which has been presented at the Wholesome Direct. Travellers Rest now has a storyline in which you will learn more about the tavern keepers and the city you call home. You can now go into the city, collect resources, go fishing and expand your tavern further.

Enjoy the new content from the beginning of July.

If you want to play Travellers Rest in Early Access now, you can buy the game here:

Are you looking forward to a game presented at the Wholesome Direct? Are you going to try one of the demos? Let us know in the comments!

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