Warship Jolly Roger | image courtesy of Proxima Studio

Warship Jolly Roger – The Successful Comic Will Be Adapted As A Digital Game

Warship Jolly Roger is a story about Jon Tiberius Munro, an ex-officer who has one goal: To see his children one more time. Past decisions haunt him and on top of that he is responsible for a diverse crew with their own battles to be fought.

The game is an adaptation of the successful comic Warship Jolly Roger, created and illustrated by Miquel Montlló and written by Sylvain Runberg.

In a gritty, star-spanning future, where mankind has colonized planets throughout the galaxy, former Confederation Commander Jon T. Munro was serving a life sentence for a war crime he was forced to commit. When a prison break runs amok, however, he seizes the opportunity to escape with a ragtag team of cons to form a small crew of pirates with one goal in mind: vengeful justice. And the first step in their plan is to steal the battle cruiser he once commanded, a state-of-the-art warship they call “The Jolly Roger”.

Warship Jolly Roger Official Teaser Trailer

The game adaptation is a singleplayer story-driven experience across a variety of unique planets, each with their own environments and secrets, and requires courage, strategy, and defiance if you want to lead Jon Munro to redemption.

Warship Jolly Roger blends deep narrative with action-packed gameplay and will appeal to both fans of story-heavy and action-driven games.

Warship Jolly Roger does not have a release date yet, but you can wishlist the game on Steam now if you wish to be notified when it is released.

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