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VR games sales and deals 26/04/2022

So, it turns out there’s several VR games on sale at the moment on Fanatical and HumbleBundle . If you’ve got VR, and you’re looking for some cool new experiences, why not have a gander at some of these?

Fanatical deals

Fanatical has launched it’s second bundle of games dedicated to the Oculus/Meta Quest VR headset with their second ‘Build your own Quest VR’ bundle.

Included in this offer are:

Death Horizon Reloaded,
Zero Calibre Reloaded,
A Fisherman’s Tale,
Anshar 2: Hyperdrive,
Puzzling Places,
Down The Rabbit Hole,
Puzzle Bobble VR,
Swords of Gargantua,
Traffic Jams,
Carly and the Reaperman,
Prison Boss VR,
Forevr Darts,
Star Shaman

A deal is currently in place offering 3 games for £18.69, 5 games for £27.99 or 9 games for £46.69, which is a substantial saving on buying each game individually.

Check out the Fanatical bundle HEREhttps://fave.co/3vh64du

HumbleBundle Must Play VR Bundle

The folks at Humble have also got a bundle of great VR games on offer at the moment, too. Their ‘Must Play VR’ Bundle is currently on offer, with, as always, a percentage of the price going directly to charitable organisations.

Included in the Humble offer are:

Vacation Simulator,
Pistol Whip,
After the Fall – 25% off Coupon,
Traffic Jams,
Down the Rabbit Hole,
PropagationVR – Coop DLC,
Vanishing Realms

With a combined value of £136.55, this is one hell of a bundle to get for under £15. I’d strongly recommend checking it out HEREhttps://www.humblebundle.com/games/must-play-vr-bundle

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