Virtual Cottage | image courtesy of DU&I

Virtual Cottage 2 Announced & Virtual Cottage 1 New Features Released

Almost 4 years after the huge success of the cosy productivity game Virtual Cottage, the game received an update with character customisation options and new background sounds. Alongside this update, developer duo DU&I announced that they are working on a brand new and improved version of Virtual Cottage!

The original game was a small project for the developers at the start, but the huge success of the game led to the team being able to further work on the game in addition to their other commercial projects. Unfortunately, Virtual Cottage was never built with extended features and updatability in mind, which is why fans of the game can now look forward to a new and improved installment.

Virtual Cottage 2 will include many of the features that were requested for Virtual Cottage over the years, including a Pomodoro timer and cottage customisation.

Players can choose from three different timers to guide their workflow – Classic, Stopwatch, and Pomodoro. If you like to listen to music while you work, you will now be able to add your own music in addition to the in-game playlists.
The improved to-do list can now be rearranged freely and players can group tasks and set up repeating daily routines. These features have been requested a lot and will make Virtual Cottage 2 an even stronger productivity tool compared to the original game.

One of the most important features which is not included in Virtual Cottage 1 will be room customisation. Players can choose from three different room layouts and add furniture and decorations to their liking. It will also be possible to add life to your room by having pets. And yes, this time you can have more than one pet visible at a time!

There is currently no release date for Virtual Cottage 2 but you can wishlist the game on Steam to stay up to date and receive a notification when the game is available.

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