Vesper: Zero Light Edition releases today on Nintendo Switch and PC!

Cordens Interactive
Deck13 Interactive
PC (Microsoft Windows), Nintendo Switch
Release Date
May 13, 2022

Vesper: Zero Light Edition is available for download today

Now available on Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive, Vesper: Zero Light Edition will give you the ability to experience and enjoy the game wherever and however you want, in all it’s enhanced beauty.

Vesper: Zero Light Edition is a complete overhaul and enhancement of the acclaimed debut game by Cordens Interactive, including new content, reworked graphics, a rebalanced experience and some additional performance enhancements to help the game run perfectly on the Nintendo Switch.

To coincide with the release of Vesper: Zero Light Edition on PC as well, Cordens Interactive has designed a book called Vesper: The Age of Zero Light – a digital book that can be downloaded from Steam and which tells the complete story of the game and it’s new content, such as exclusive concept art. It also contains an in-depth timeline to let you have a deep dive into the lore of the game.

Vesper: Zero Light Edition is also available on Steam, and at the same price tag (9.99€/9.99$), and it will be downloadable as a free update for those who already bought the first version of the game.

Vesper: Zero Light Edition is available on Steam, GoG, all at the same price. (€9.99/£9.99)

Check out the trailer for Vesper: Zero Light Edition below!

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