A cartoon drawing of people looking at post-it notes on a wall.
A cartoon drawing of people looking at post-it notes on a wall.
Notion Projects | image courtesy of Notion

Use The Power Of AI For Project Management In Notion Projects

Today, Notion presented an AI-supported solution to better project management within their application. Previously, a Notion project could be broken down into a list of tasks – but project management encompasses so much more: documents, roadmaps, meetings, etc. These can all be stored in different places, which can be tedious and confusing.

Notion Projects is a new tool which is able to support the whole process of project management within a single application. All parts of a project can be linked with one another to make connections and workflows visible. These features are all customisable so teams can set this up in line with how they work best. Projects can now get their own unique IDs for every task, making items more traceable. They also include new and improved templates to get you started quickly and efficiently.

The introduction of AI features in Notion Projects can be used to formulate steps to complete a task or to quickly create summaries and updates. The Projects AI can automatically fill in content within a database – making it the first of its kind. More automation features are planned as part of further updates.

If you want to learn more about Notion Projects, you can browse the Projets resources page or watch the introduction trailer here:

YouTube: What is Notion Projects?

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