The Heirloom | image courtesy of Babubi Games

Upcoming on Kickstarter: The Heirloom

The Heirloom is an upcoming Kickstarter project presented by Babui Games. The game will be a mystery thriller adventure in which you investigate the strange happenings in your grandfather’s old lighthouse.

Join the orphaned 16-year-old Marla and her younger brother Jack as they are forced to leave their home and decide to investigate the secrets of a dilapidated place in the Inner Hebrides in Scotland that is mysteriously tied to their families’ history. After they arrive, the two children notice strange and scary things happening around their new home.

The story in The Heirloom is inspired by Scottish folklore and features beautiful scenery from the Hebrides through hand-drawn graphics. The cutscenes and dialogues add to the atmosphere by being funny, witty, and at times touching. Players will be confronted with choices that they have to make throughout the game, which decide the course of the game and can lead to unexpected results.

The Heirloom is scheduled for release for October 2024 and those who wish to support the development of the game can now do so on Kickstarter. The project will launch soon and has prepared plenty of rewards (including early bird bonuses) for backers. Please keep in mind that there are always risks associated with supporting a game during its development.

If you want to follow the campaign on Kickstarter and learn more about the game, the tiers and rewards, visit the project page here.

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