Unpacking Screenshot
Unpacking Screenshot
Unpacking Screenshot

Unpacking – Simple, yet Satisfying

Unpacking is a cosy, relaxed puzzle game from Witch Beam. It’s premise is simple – unpack the moving boxes into the new home. Find the perfect place for every item: pictures on the walls, clothes in the wardrobe, shoes under the bed or plants on the windowsill. 

Each level is the next stage in this person’s life: from childhood room, to college and beyond. You’ll pick up clues about the path their life has taken by the items you move and the rooms you fill. There is no narration, nothing explicitly said about the character you unpack for, but it’s so beautifully designed there is no need: their ups and downs are clear to see.

The first time you play there is a correct answer for each level – items must be in the right room or the right area of the room for you to be able to move on. After that though, you can unlock a creative mode and decorate however you like, or almost. Some items that are in the rooms already can be moved, some are stuck in place, which I did find to be a small road block at times; but it didn’t really affect my enjoyment. Having everything arranged just as you want it is just as satisfying as hearing the boxes ‘pop’ when they’re empty.

The music has the same relaxing vibe, and there are stickers you can win for some specific arrangement of items, but there is no time limit and no game over. There would be an easy avenue for expansion – introducing a new character and unpacking their life in exactly the same way – but it seems that’s not on the cards. 

This is a low steaks but very enjoyable game – one that won’t take very long to complete but that I will be replaying to make sure everything is placed just right.

Unpacking is availble on Humble or Steam for PC, on Switch, PS4, PS5 or is on Gamepass for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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