Sniper Elite 5 Saboteur Key Art
Sniper Elite 5 Saboteur Key Art
Sniper Elite 5 Saboteur Key Art | Courtesy of Rebellion

Unleash Your Inner Saboteur: New Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass Two Content Revealed!

Meet Your New Favourite Loadout and a Fresh Multiplayer Map, All in the Latest Update

Hello there, fellow virtual sharpshooters! Rebellion, those incredibly talented folk behind the Sniper Elite series, have dropped a veritable treasure trove of new content for Sniper Elite 5’s Season Pass Two. Yes, folks, it’s time to rev up your gaming consoles and step into the shoes of the Saboteur!

The Saboteur pack is ready to roll, unlocking access to the quick-firing TERA rifle, the sturdy Grease Gun, and a stylish Liberator character skin for our favourite sniper, Karl Fairburne, allowing him to blend into the Resistance with panache.

But the goodies don’t stop there! Rebellion has also launched a brand-new multiplayer No Cross map called ‘Rhine Crossing’, which is absolutely free to all players. This map, inspired by the historic Battle of Remagen at the Ludendorff Bridge in Germany, is a tantalising night-time treat. Its towering, collapsed bridge serves as an ideal vantage point for the cunning sharpshooters among you. Mind you, with unique diagonal sightlines and covert opportunities presented by the bridge’s remnants, you’ll need to channel your inner stealth master to gain the upper hand.

The Saboteur pack is now live as part of Season Pass Two, priced at £24.99/$29.99/€29.99. However, if you’re more of a pick-and-choose gamer, you can also nab the Saboteur goodies separately for a cool £8.99/€9.99/$9.99.

Those of you who’re all about the details, here’s a bit more about the new arsenal. The TERA rifle is a beast, offering rapid fire with impressive accuracy, all thanks to its low recoil levels. Its foldable stock increases its portability, making it a snap to equip and aim. The Grease Gun, on the other hand, is an SMG boasting high mobility and control, making it a dependable companion even under sustained fire.

And lastly, let’s not forget the pièce de résistance, the Liberator Skin. Honouring the liberation of Paris, it allows Karl to rock the quintessential French Resistance look, armband and all.

All in all, Sniper Elite 5 continues to provide an unmatched tactical sniping experience on platforms such as Xbox Game Pass *, Xbox One *, Xbox Series X|S * and PlayStation 4 & 5, Steam, Epic Store *, and the Windows Store.

Now, dear readers, it’s over to you! How about challenging yourself in the dark confines of Rhine Crossing? Or trying out the quick-draw capabilities of the TERA rifle? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Join the conversation in the comments below or catch us on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

To all the sharpshooters out there, happy gaming and remember to keep your sights sharp!


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