Sims 4 Box Art
Sims 4 Box Art
The Sims 4 | image courtesy of ElectronicArts

Two New Sims 4 Kits Announced

The popular life-simulation game The Sims 4 is getting two more kits which will be available for purchase from tomorrow, the 19th of January 2023. The kits have been announced in a post on Twitter:

Simtimates Kit

This kit will spice up the wardrobe of your Sims with new underwear options. Whether they feel like sporting full-body lingerine or prefer lounging in comfortable boxers – the options are there.

Bathroom Clutter Kit

After the Everyday Clutter Kit, we can now decorate our Sims’ bathrooms with small details that make the room look more personal and lived. Including grandma’s dentures.
And the best thing is that you get to choose which way the toilet paper should face!

Both packs will be available to purchase via the Origin and EA App Stores.

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