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Twitch to shut down their desktop app on April 20.

Created to give users a way to view their favourite streams outside of the browser, the Twitch app has a design that is almost identical to the website. On top of being able to watch streams, the app also provides a 24-hour connection to the channel’s chat, in effect allowing communities to never

Twitch recently announced that its desktop app will shut down on April 30, 2022. This effectively leaves the platform without a dedicated app for computer users. Considering that the vast majority of people stream directly via a browser, the decision isn’t surprising.
Twitch have revealed that they are ending support for the desktop app five years after its release to “invest more heavily in enhancing and adding new ways to engage with the creators and communities you care about.”

It should be an interesting time ahead for Twitch, to see what additional ways to engage with their audience. Watch this space!

How to uninstall Twitch desktop app

With Twitch ending support for the app on April 30, you’ll likely want to remove it from your computer to clear up some space. Here’s a walkthrough on how to do it.


  • Open the start menu and search ‘add or remove programs’ – click on the result when it pops up.
  • In the search bar type ‘Twitch,’ click on the result, and the uninstall button will appear.
  • Click uninstall, and follow the prompts.

Mac OS

For Mac OS, there are two options to remove the app from your computer.

Option 1:

  • Open your applications folder and drop the Twitch icon into your trash.
  • Empty your trash can.

Option 2:

  • Go into your Finder – Hit  +  + G and in the search box type in: ~/Library.
  • Find and delete any folders associated with Curse or Twitch.

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