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Twitch drops a new /Shoutout command.

Twitch have announced another new feature being baked into the slash commands menu, /shoutout, this command will pop up a box over the Top Sub Gifter / Top Bits Donator with a dropdown to allow viewers to follow them from the top of chat.

The Command seems to be only Broadcasters and Mods currently and is being rolled out this week, so if you have not yet gotten access to it (at time of writing my channel does not have it) then it will be coming over the next few days.

One of the other features is that you will show up in the broadcasters activity feed with the number of viewers you showed the Shoutout to.

Some initial feedback has been that it would be nice to use the short form “/so” rather than having to type the full command out, others point out that if you already follow the streamer being shouted out it sometimes does not show any dropdown to the popup. Some have also mentioned that being able to edit the text of the message would be a really great improvement to this feature.

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