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Twitch Co-Founder Emmett Shear Steps Back From Role As CEO

The Twitch co-founder and CEO Emmett Shear announced that he is leaving his position as CEO in a blog post which has been published yesterday. His role will be fulfilled by Dan Clancy, former President of Twitch, with immediate effect.

He states that he wants to focus on his family and new challenges in life but will continue to work for the company as an advisor.

Twitch often feels to me like a child I’ve been raising as well. And while I will always want to be there if Twitch needs me, at 16 years old it feels to me Twitch is ready to move out of the house and venture alone. So it is with great poignancy that I share my decision to resign from Twitch as CEO. I want to be fully there for my son as he enters this world and I feel ready for this change to tackle new challenges. I will continue to work at Twitch in an advisory role.

Emmett Shear: 16 Years Of Twitch (Twitch Blog)

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