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Twitch – Artist Attribution – How to attribute emotes to a specific artist

After Twitch’s recent announcement that artists will now be able to be credited for their artwork and emotes that they have created, you may be wondering precisely how to go about this.

Look no further, and let me talk you through it.

Streamers will have to attribute an emote to an artist, but the artist has to verify it was them too, that way people can be sure of their contributions. Artists can also disable emote attribution all together, preventing creators from assigning emotes to them. They can do this globally, across Twitch, or for individual streamers.

Attributions are on by default, but you can disable these super easily in the new option in the Twitch menu. You will be able to approve, decline, or report any emotes that have been attributed to you here.

Okay, so, if you’re a creator and you want to credit the artist, here’s what you do.

Step 1. Head to your creator dashboard.

Step 2. Click the “Viewer Rewards” drop down box, and then select emotes.

Step 3. This will take you to a screen where you can see all the emotes your channel currently has. The library on the right hand side of the screen contains all the information you’ll need. If you click an emote, you’ll see a box opens up with more info, and the new option “Emote Attribution” is available. Simply search for your artist’s twitch username, and hit enter.

Once this is done, and the artist has approved the attribution, the emote will now show who created it when clicked on, and other emotes by that same artist.

Super easy!

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