Twitch Charity Setup Step Two - Courtesy of Twitch

Twitch Announce “Twitch Charity” in Closed Beta

“Twitch Charity makes setting up a charity stream easy for creators, which you can do straight from your Creator Dashboard in just a few easy steps.”

Twitch Help Article

This sounds like a dream come true for many streamers who want to do charity streams but struggle with the process of setting them up, but what does this mean and how can you set it up?

Twitch Charity is a way to be able to setup and manage fundraisers from within the Creator Dashboard and select Charity from the left hand side. In this menu you can select a charity that you want to support. If your preferred charity is not available here you can go to the Twitch Charity UserVoice and nominate them.

You have the options in these menus to set a goal and to preview the donation panel that will open over the video on your stream. The help page does warn that “Your goal can be increased at any time before or during the campaign, but it cannot be decreased.” so be careful that your initial goal is something you see as being reasonably achievable.

Once you have selected all of this you can then Go to the My Fundraisers screen and start the fundraiser. Here you will also see one of the more exciting parts of this feature, the ability to Pause and restart Fundraisers.

Once its all set up your Sub Button will be replaced by a Donate To Charity button, with Subs still being able to be made by selecting the “Support <Streamer>” in the Top of the screen. Its worth noting that Twitch do not take a cut of any Donations made to charity and they are all processed through the PayPal Giving Fund.

As its being released into a closed beta most streamers will not see this for a while, but you can check your Dashboard to see if you have been added to the Beta group, just look for the Charity Tab.

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