Twice Different announces Winnie-the-Pooh game with a twist

What happens when Winnie goes public domain?

June 8th 2023

From the microstudio that created Ring of Pain comes a new game featuring Winnie the Pooh, the iconic bear from A.A. Milne’s children’s books. However, with their take on the newly-public-domain bear, they’re creating something distinctly not for kids. Coming to PC, Winnie’s Hole is a roguelite-Tetris-deckbuilder hybrid with a viral edge that will arrive in Early Access this year.

Winnie’s Hole – Official Announcement Trailer

Winnie’s Hole sees you taking control of a virus in the bears’ body, with which you capture cells, grow mutations, and “specialise your host”. All this is controlled by Tetris blocks on cards, a twist on the roguelike-deckbuilder that is sure to add an extra dimension to the usual battle elements these games provide.

Between “battles”, you focus on exploring Winnie’s body as your host, mutating him while managing his limited energy reserve, building the genetic miscreant of your dreams (or nightmares) as Winnie explores and meets other familiar faces in the overworld. As you progress, you’ll meet – and infect – new characters and unlock new places to explore. Each new character has a different way of playing, giving you a different experience each time you start a run.

Winnie’s Hole screenshot (Courtesy of Twice Different)

Winnie’s Hole is available to wishlist on Steam now, with a release date to be announced. Will you be picking up this new Winnie adventure? Or will you be keeping him firmly in your story books? Let us know over at the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord!

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