Coral Island | image courtesy of Stairway Games and Humble Games

Tropical Farming Adventure “Coral Island” Out Now

After being in Early Access for a little over a year, Stairway Games & Humble Games are excited to announce the full release of their relaxing tropical farming sim Coral Island.

In Coral Island, you step into the world of Pokyo to start a new life on a plot of land surrounded by idyllic tropical landscapes and coral reefs. The nearby village has a vibrant community of more than 70 people with their own personalities and storylines. Explore, collect, craft, and build a thriving farm where you tend to crops and adorable animals.

Coral Island 1.0 Trailer

Coral Island comes with many features to customise your character and farm. Choose an appearance that resonates with your personality from a wide variety of options and craft/buy lots of functional and decorative pieces to transform your land into a living dream. It is up to the player which crops they want to plant or which animals they want to take care of, so the farming experience will be as flexible as possible.

Your surroundings will change with the seasons and your life will go with the flow of nature. Build long-term relationships with the 70+ characters in the game and look for your special someone. Players can date 25 characters, experience unique moments with them, and, if you are ready, build a life together at the farm. You can also have an impact on the wider community by donating to the museum, helping to save the ocean, and bracing yourself for the dangers of the cave. Community projects will help you to improve life in town and increase the town rating to make Pokyo a place you want to call paradise.

As you explore the island, you can discover and restore cultural heritage sites and you can even put on a diving suit and explore the coral reefs from under the surface – who knows what (or who?) you may discover down there?

Coral Island is now available as a full release title at the following shops:

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