Ember Throne Online Key Art
Ember Throne Online Key Art
Ember Throne Online Key Art | Courtesy of IndigoWare

The Warrior King Returns: Get Ready for ‘Ember Throne Online’

IndigoWare Revives a Classic with an Eastern-Western Fusion MMORPG

Exciting news is on the horizon – or should I say, on your Steam wish list. You might recall a little title called ‘Warrior King.’ Well, it’s back and rebranded as ‘Ember Throne Online’ – and it’s sounding more impressive than ever.

IndigoWare, the indie game studio based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has picked up the publishing mantle from Linekong for this revamp. We’ve seen IndigoWare sprinkle their magic on other projects, taking classic games and injecting them with a fresh dose of innovation and creativity. Now, they’re poised to introduce us to a bold new world of fantasy with this latest endeavor.

Ember Throne Online | First Look Trailer

Enter the World of Ember Throne Online

‘Ember Throne Online’ isn’t your ordinary MMORPG. This dark fantasy PC game transports you to an enchanting universe where the beauty of Ancient China merges effortlessly with elements from Western mythology. This fusion creates a unique blend of cultures and lore that’s sure to leave players immersed in its rich narrative and atmosphere.

As if the beautiful setting isn’t enough to draw you in, ‘Ember Throne Online’ has a host of gameplay elements that will keep you on your toes. Prepare to immerse yourself in a grand conflict between rival empires, face mythical beasts, and challenge fellow players while guided by the goddess of faith.

The game boasts a staggering 1000 quests, giving you plenty of adventures to embark on as you traverse this vast world. Discover hidden treasures in the twelve-level underground areas, and remember to forge alliances for those epic large-scale battles. Choose from a diverse range of unique hero classes, and play the game your way.

If ‘Ember Throne Online’ sounds like a game for you, then you can add it to your Steam wish list today. The game is set to become available on Early Access in just a few days. So, it’s time to mark your calendars and ready your gaming rigs.

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