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The Ultimate Guide for Content Creators: How to Get Game Keys for Your Content

We've scoured the internet for reliable sources and gathered them here so you don't have to :)

Hey gamers, today, I want to talk about something that every content creator dreams of – getting game keys for their content.

As a content creator, getting access to the latest games can be the key to unlocking new audiences and taking your content to the next level. But how do you go about getting those elusive keys? Well, fear not my fellow content creators, for I’ve gathered together a range of methods and platforms to make it as easy as possible for you.

Key Distribution Platforms

Firstly, it’s important to note that there are different ways to get game keys, and it largely depends on your platform and audience size. If you’re a YouTuber or Twitch Streamer, the easiest place to start out is to sign up to Key Distribution Platforms like the ones below. These platforms act as a middleman between content creators and game developers/publishers, allowing you to request game keys for your content. The advantage of using these platforms is that they streamline the process and make it easier for you to request keys, and for the developers, it means they are able to engage with smaller content creators without replying to individual emails all day.

I’ve included a rundown of the best options I use below for your ease of reference but whichever you use it’s really important that if you request keys and say you will create content you need to actually create the content in a timely manner or the platforms will not give you keys in future.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that to make it easy to engage with content creators developers will often have minimum requirements that they’ve set to issue you a key, so you may find far more success requesting keys for indie games when you’re starting out than the latest AAA release.

One final important note you are morally, and in many cases legally, required to disclose if you have received a game key for review or to play, you can find a guide from the US FTC here as a good basic guide.



Keymailer, one of the most well-known platforms for content creators to request keys from game developers.

With a user-friendly interface, Keymailer is a fantastic tool for content creators to request and receive keys from game developers. The platform allows you to search for games based on your interests and criteria, making it easier to find games that suit your style. Keymailer also allows you to track your engagement and performance metrics, giving you a comprehensive overview of your content’s performance.

It’s also really easy to sign up for just head to the Keymailer Creators Page and click Sign Up, you’ll then need to link your social platforms and you’re ready.



A picture of the Creator Page on Woovit
Woovit Creator Page

In the booming world of video game media, Woovit stands as a critical junction between creators and publishers. This platform is more than a tool; it’s a bridge, connecting content creators to a wide spectrum of games and the developers behind them, enriching the gaming content landscape with ease and efficiency.

Founded with the aim to simplify the game key distribution process, Woovit has quickly become a go-to resource for video game influencers and publishers. Whether you’re a Twitch streamer, a YouTuber, or a podcaster, Woovit provides a smooth, streamlined platform to discover new games, request keys, and showcase them to your audiences.

In the other corner, game publishers and developers find in Woovit a trusted partner to reach out to the right creators. They can list their games, set specific criteria for who can request keys, and even track the resulting content and its performance. In short, Woovit offers an end-to-end solution that makes connecting with influencers a breeze.

The beauty of Woovit is its simplicity. It’s been designed to make life easier for both parties involved. For creators, the process to get started is as straightforward as linking their platform-specific account, be it Twitch, YouTube, or any other. From there, they can access a rich catalogue of games, request keys, and get to creating content that their viewers love.

On the publisher’s side, Woovit is all about control and clarity. Publishers have the ability to set their own criteria for who can access their game keys. These could be based on a creator’s platform, their audience size, geographical location, or any combination thereof.

Beyond its functionality, what truly sets Woovit apart is its commitment to fostering a vibrant, thriving community. The platform not only connects creators and publishers but also facilitates a space for them to interact, share ideas, and grow together. It’s a community in the truest sense of the word.

In an industry that’s rapidly evolving, Woovit has carved out a significant niche for itself. It stands as an invaluable platform for content creators looking to discover new games and for game publishers seeking to promote their latest titles. By bridging these two sides of the gaming world, Woovit is playing an essential role in shaping the future of the industry.

Something to be aware of as a content creator Woovit have changed their minimum requirements for requesting keys now so as a Twitch Streamer you must be at least an affiliate and for claiming offers with a YouTube account you need:

  • At least 1,000 subscribers
  • At least 240,000 total public watch minutes in the last 12 months
  • 5 videos published over the last 90 days
  • Channel views are five times the total amount of subscribers

As long as you are eligible though you Woovit are one of the better options with an easy sign up and a filter that allows you to see which game keys you are eligible to apply for based on your audience metric which can save you a significant amount of time when choosing titles to cover.



We’ve heard mixed things about Lurkit from other content creators so they are further down my list of options though I can’t say I’ve had issues myself I know that several friends have found being paid for campaigns through Lurkit has taken significantly longer than anticipated.

Though if you are just looking for keys they may still be worth checking out.

Dare Drop


Dare Drop describe themselves as a group of gamers, marketers, and developers who created Dare Drop to make game discovery fun, engaging, and productive for everyone. The basic idea behind Dare Drop is that as a content creator you take on dares and challenges for specific games and you can earn game keys, swag and in game content for yourself and your audience.

Though the selection is significantly more curated than Key Mailer it’s really easy to sign up for keys and manage the challenges you take on and several members of our community have used Dare Drop with no issues at all and it works well as a more focused approach to getting keys and creating content with some opportunity to create additional engagement with your audience as you play through a game.



If you’re an ardent gamer, a content creator, a streamer, a journalist or a developer, Terminals.io is a platform that’s been crafted especially for you. Operated by Evolve PR, a leading agency specialising in video games, Terminals.io is an innovative platform that serves as a nexus for everyone who loves video games.

Terminals.io is a dream come true for gaming enthusiasts, allowing them to explore new releases from both AAA and indie developers, receive news updates, and even request game codes. However, it’s more than just a portal for gamers. It’s also designed for developers and publishers, providing them with a top-notch toolkit to reach their target audiences. They can list their games, manage contacts, host press kits, distribute codes, and track coverage, all in one place.

The only “catch” is a simple request for media coverage. Whether it’s a game review, a ‘Let’s Play’ video, or something similar, developers and publishers are eager to spread the word about their titles. As such, they prefer to hand out keys to registered media, streamers, and content creators, ensuring their games are showcased to eager audiences.

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on the folks running the show – Evolve PR. In their own words, Evolve’s mission is simple: to promote video games. This dynamic team offers a broad spectrum of services from media and influencer relations to social media management, community engagement, and more.

Evolve PR stands out for a number of reasons. They’ve worked on a slew of great games, including big names like Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, and Dead Cells, to name a few. They embrace change and adapt to the constant evolution of game marketing, ensuring they’re always at the top of their game (pun intended). Moreover, they are like the Voltron of video game promotion, providing a range of services across PR, social media, video, and research.

What truly makes Evolve PR unique, however, is their no-nonsense approach. They are honest about the challenges a game may face, and they work diligently to overcome them. This combined with their commitment to fairness, ethics, and sustainability ensures a positive experience for everyone involved.

In essence, if you are part of the gaming world, Terminals.io and Evolve PR are names you need to know. Together, they offer a comprehensive, tailored, and enjoyable experience for gamers, content creators, developers, and publishers alike. Check out their platform and be part of this exciting gaming hub.



Rainmaker.gg offers a more curated range of keys along with some tools like bots, Creator pages, if you don’t have your own website. Rainmaker.gg was launched by Lightstream in July 2020 and is built on the UK-based alerts and chatbot service StreamJar and the audience analytics platform Arsenal.gg, both companies and teams were acquired by Lightstream in 2019.

Game Tomb


GameTomb is a relative newcomer, launching into early access in January of 2022, but it claims it’s set to change the way content creators, games media, developers, and publishers interact. Run by Dead Good PR, an award-winning video game PR agency, GameTomb provides a hassle-free platform for game discovery and key distribution.

GameTomb’s key request feature connects content creators and media to publishers and developers, enabling the discovery and promotion of new gaming titles. While the receipt of a requested key is not guaranteed due to varying quantities across platforms, the portal makes an effort to accommodate users based on a set of criteria. These factors include the size and scope of the user’s channel or outlet, the quality of previous content, the timeliness of content creation, and past support of publisher or developer’s titles.

As for signing up, GameTomb simplifies the process for content creators and press & media alike. Content creators can gain instant access to the platform by simply logging in with their active Twitch or YouTube channel. It’s a streamlined approach designed to make the process as easy as possible. For members of the press and media, the registration process involves filling a simple sign-up form. Once completed, a team member from GameTomb will reach out to them promptly.

Dead Good PR, the company behind this platform is a boutique, multi-award-winning video game PR agency. Based just outside of London and boasting agents in the United States and Europe, Dead Good PR has been making a significant impact since its inception in 2012. Their impressive repertoire includes record-breaking, pan-European Kickstarter campaigns; VR entertainment consultancy & strategy; as well as indie and mobile game launches.

When our team signed up for GameTomb as Content Creators the process was really simple, there was a good selection of open campaigns from leading developers across platforms including for XboxSeries X|S, Xbox One X|S, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, PlayStation 5 and the Epic Games Store.

Press Release Distribution Platforms

If you’re a blogger or journalist, you can try signing up for press lists from different game developers and publishers. This will ensure that you receive updates on upcoming releases and events, and may also give you early access to games with a dedicated route to speaking to the right person. Most well-written press releases will also provide some additional images, videos and quotes to make it easier for you to create content around the game they’re about.

Press Engine


Press Engine For Creators Home Page
Press Engine For Creators Home Page

So, what is Press Engine for Creators and Media Outlets?

At its core, the Press Engine for Creators and Media Outlets (‘Press Engine’) is a content distribution platform that aims to create a symbiotic relationship between game developers, journalists, content creators, and media outlets. Its core proposition: to streamline the way game-related content is shared and consumed.

Previously, creators and media outlets would be at the mercy of game publishers, PR agencies, and developers for press kits, screenshots, trailers, and early access copies. Equally, developers often struggled to ensure their work reached the right audiences, and in the right way. The Press Engine seeks to change this dynamic, building a bridge between all parties involved.

What does it mean for Creators?

For creators β€” be they Twitch streamers, YouTube personalities, or emerging games journalists β€” the Press Engine offers a veritable cornucopia of content. Instead of scouring the web for trailers, emailing PR reps for press kits, or praying for early access codes, creators can instead turn to the Press Engine.

The platform promises a comprehensive database of games, with press kits, screenshots, trailers, and even potential access to early copies all in one place. This streamlined access to content is an absolute game changer for creators. It allows them to focus on what they do best: creating engaging and informative content for their audience.

And for Media Outlets?

For media outlets, the advantages of the Press Engine are twofold. First, it offers a simplified process for accessing game content. Journalists will no longer need to juggle multiple PR contacts and deadlines, with everything available in one consolidated location.

Secondly, it provides an opportunity for media outlets to discover indie titles that they might otherwise overlook. The Press Engine doesn’t just cater to AAA games; indie developers have equal access to the platform. This creates a fairer, more democratic ecosystem that allows smaller titles to shine alongside their blockbuster counterparts.

How does it benefit Game Developers?

For developers, both indie and mainstream, the Press Engine presents an unparalleled opportunity. Developers can upload trailers, press kits, screenshots, and potentially provide early access codes, ensuring that their games are seen by the right people.

Importantly, the platform offers a fairer and more accessible process for indie developers. With the Press Engine, they can ensure their game gets in front of influential creators and journalists without battling against AAA marketing budgets.

So not a bad place for getting access to press releases, assets and game keys. https://pressengine.net/press

Games Press

GamesPress, is the go-to platform for gaming news and press releases, continues to solidify its position as an essential resource for both creators and media outlets in the gaming industry. With its comprehensive database of game assets, press releases, and media contacts, GamesPress offers a streamlined experience for journalists, content creators, and PR professionals alike.

For creators, GamesPress serves as a treasure trove of valuable assets. From high-resolution screenshots and concept art to video trailers and gameplay footage, the platform provides a one-stop-shop for all media needs. With easy access to these assets, creators can efficiently gather material for their articles, videos, and reviews, enabling them to deliver engaging and visually appealing content to their audience.

Media outlets, on the other hand, benefit from GamesPress’s extensive database of press releases and media contacts. Journalists can easily find the latest news, announcements, and updates from game developers and publishers, ensuring they stay at the forefront of the gaming industry. Moreover, the platform’s integrated contact management system simplifies the process of reaching out to PR professionals, fostering effective communication and collaboration between media outlets and game companies.

In an ever-evolving gaming landscape, GamesPress continues to play a vital role in connecting creators and media outlets. With its user-friendly interface, vast collection of game assets, and comprehensive press release database, GamesPress empowers both creators and journalists to produce top-notch content and stay ahead in the fast-paced world of gaming. Whether you’re a content creator looking for eye-catching visuals or a media outlet seeking the latest news, GamesPress is an indispensable tool that elevates the gaming industry as a whole.

PR Newswire


PR Newswire is a more traditional press release platform used across a wide variety of industries so you will need to filter your interests to not be bombarded with press releases about events you’re not interested in but you can find a variety of, mostly larger companies, that will push press releases out for games and hardware here.

You will need to do a little more manual work here and reach out to the public relations contact of agency to get access to keys or further information but it can be an invaluable source for news.

So, there you have it – a brief guide on how to get game keys for your content. Remember, getting game keys is just the first step – it’s up to you to create engaging and entertaining content that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Now, I want to hear from you – have you had success in getting game keys for your content? What tips and tricks do you have for other content creators? Did we miss a favourite route you us? Share your thoughts in the comments below or head over to the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord and join the conversation there. And if you’ve found this guide useful please share it and let other content creators know, life’s better when we’re helping each other.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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