The RØDECaster Pro II – An extremely powerful all-in-one audio solution built specifically for content creators

RØDECaster Pro II
Frequency Range
Mic Inputs: 20Hz - 20kHz Monitor Outputs: 20Hz - 20kHz
Microphone Input Impedance
Instrument Input Impedance
Preamplifier Gain Range
0 - 76dB
Equivalent Noise
-131.5dBV (A-weighted)
Line Output Maximum Level
Headphone Output Power
Power Requirements
30W USB-C PD (15V, 2A)
Analogue Audio Input Connectivity
4 x combo jack inputs (microphone, line, instrument)
Analogue Audio Output Connectivity
2 x balanced line output, 4 x headphone output
Bluetooth Connectivity
Bluetooth audio with Music and Headset profile (wide band speech)
Bit Depth
Sample Rate
Release Date
June 15, 2022

RØDE have today unveiled their most revolutionary audio innovation to date: the RØDECaster Pro II.

The RØDECaster Pro II is a fully integrated audio production studio for content creators of all types and levels. It offers a variety of new features that have never before been compiled into a single console for ease of use. Combining superior audio quality with unparalleled ease of use and endless customisation options to suit your personal tastes and requirements.

It is the worlds most powerful all-in-one audio solution for streamers, podcasters, musicians, and every other type of content creator.


  • The ultimate audio solution for content creators, including podcasters, livestreamers, musicians, and more.
  • Ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps are built specifically to deliver world-class audio quality with stunning clarity and transparency.
  • High-performance quad-core audio engine delivers more processing power than any other content creation console available on the market today.
  • Studio-quality APHEX audio processing provides superior sound quality and unmatched flexibility in any recording application.
  • Powerful effects available onboard, including reverb, echo, robot, pitch shifting and more allow for even more creative possibilities.
  • Ground-breaking SMART pads for triggering sounds, voice effects, MIDI commands and mixer actions – eight banks of eight pads for 64 unique actions all individually mappable.
  • Endlessly customisable, with nine individually assignable channels, on-board granular editing, fully programmable SMART pads and more allowing you to design your perfect setup.
  • Unrivalled connectivity, with dual USB-C interfaces for connecting two computers or mobile devices, studio-grade Neutrik combo inputs for connecting microphones and instruments, plus Wi-Fi, Ethernet and more.
  • an inbuilt 5.5″ high-definition touchscreen (with haptic feedback) and rotary encoder for easy navigation and control

The RØDECaster Pro 2 releases for the public to purchase in 20 days time (June 15, 2022).

Check out the official video showcase for the RØDECaster Pro II below.

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