The Riftbreaker receives a massive World Expansion, including a huge, free content update and a paid, story-driven DLC called Metal Terror

Exor Studios
Exor Studios
PC (Microsoft Windows), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X
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Release Date
Oct 14, 2021

This huge update is available now on PC, Xbox Series X/S, an PS5

The Riftbreaker: Metal Terror allows you to explore an entirely new area of Galatea 37 – the Metallic Valley.

This previously undiscovered biome holds many secrets unlike anything you’ve seen before. It will also give you a chance to gather information about the strange ways the local flora has adapted to the conditions of this biome. And, as you might expect, you’ll need to research anomalous objects that might open the door to unlocking powerful technological advancements. Most importantly, however, you should remember that some of the things you find there might send a shiver down your spine.


  • An entirely new Biome to explore – the Metallic Valley.
  • A new Survival Mode scenario taking place in the new biome.
  • Several new species of creatures, ranging from harmless herbivores to bloodthirsty predators looking for territorial domination.
  • New technologies – harness the power of Morphium, a mysterious resource that seems to break the laws of physics.
  • New weapons – defend your base with new varieties of defensive towers. Take the fight to the aliens with Lightning Guns, Heavy Plasma Cannons, and even a Chainsaw.
  • Introducing the winners of our Community Design Contests – the Orbital Strike Cannon and Bioscanner Turret!
  • A rebalanced Survival Mode experience – unlock more technologies, explore different builds, and gain access to Alien Technology without even building a Lab!
  • Many quality-of-life improvements – mass repair and upgrade tools, a more intelligent floor building utility.

Check out the trailer for The Riftbreaker – Metal Terror DLC below!

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