The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying 5e gets two new expansions!

Much like the captivating allure of the Rings in Tolkien’s tales, Adventures await you in Middle-earth, where the lands beckon and tales are waiting to be told. Today, Free League Publishing announced the upcoming expansions Ruins of Eriador and Tales From Eriador for The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying, bringing new excitement to this beloved game.

Ruins of Eriador and Tales From Eriador are 5E adaptations of Tales From the Lone-Lands and Ruins of the Lost Realm set in the years around 2965, bringing the rich world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works to life in the multiple award-winning second edition of The One Ring™ roleplaying game.

Pre-orders for Tales From the Lone-Lands, Ruins of Eriador, and Tales From Eriador are now available on the Free League webshop. By pre-ordering, you gain immediate access to the PDFs of these supplements, months ahead of their official release in the fall.

The Tales From the Lone-Lands expansion includes adventures such as “A Troll-Hole, If Ever There Was One” and “Kings of Little Kingdoms,” which provide self-contained adventures while hinting at a growing danger. “Messing About In Boats” involves a member of the Company in an unexpected way, while “Not To Strike Without Need” and “Wonder of the Northern World” explore the infiltration of spies of the Enemy. Finally, “The Quest of Amon Guruthos” challenges the heroes to battle an ancient evil.

Ruins of Eriador, the adaptation of Ruins of the Lost Realm, offers a detailed description of the regions that were once part of the kingdom of Arnor, focusing on the city of Tharbad in Chapter 1: Fog Over Eriador. Chapter 2: A Gathering Storm provides narrative elements for the Loremaster to shape the future of Eriador, including looming threats, Loremaster characters, and their agendas. Chapter 3: Landmarks introduces twelve unique sites of interest, both from Tolkien’s works and specifically created for the game.

Since its initial release in 2011, The One Ring™ has been praised as the best representation of Middle-earth in a tabletop game. With the highly acclaimed Second Edition of The One Ring™, players are taken even deeper into the Twilight of the Third Age. On May 9th, The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying, the 5E adaptation of The One Ring RPG, was released, further expanding the possibilities for players to embark on thrilling adventures in Middle-earth.

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