The Crew Motorfest | image courtesy of Ubisoft

The Crew™ Motorfest Free Trial Available For 10 Days

Ubisoft announced that, starting today, players can try The Crew™ Motorfest for free as part of a free trial event for 10 days. The event allows players to play for up to 5 hours free of charge. If players like the game and decide to buy it, the progress achieved in the free trial carries over to the paid version of the game. This offer is not available for players who already tried the game for free in September and used the entire 5 hours. Remaining time can still be used.

The offer is available on the Ubisoft Store, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store.

Players on PC can start the free trials at different times depending on their region:

  • APAC (Asia / Australia) countries: midnight (Sydney time) or Oct 9, 13:00 UTC
  • EMEA (Europe and MENA) countries: midnight (Paris time) or Oct 9, 22:00 UTC
  • NCSA (Americas) countries: midnight (New York time) or Oct 10, 04:00 UTC
The Crew Motorfest: Live Action Launch Trailer

In The Crew™ Motorfest, players can dive deep into car culture and celebrate the best cars in the world on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Compete in themed races and events, tackle unique challenges or explore the island alone or with your crew. Motorfest features one of the most vibrant open worlds on the market today, set on the beautiful island of O‘ahu. The island is nothing short of a tropical paradise, with sandy beaches, thick rainforest, steep volcanic slopes, and a big city. All of these areas can be explored freely by the players in the open world.

If you are interested in trying or buying The Crew™ Motorfest, the game is available on these platforms:

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