Tales of Fablecraft | images courtesy of Riftweaver

Tales Of Fablecraft To Be Released In Early Access On The 23rd Of July

With Tales of Fablecraft, you can easily bring your tabletop roleplaying adventure to life. It features all the fun and excitement of a traditional tabletop game but takes care of the rules, skill checks, and GM prep for you.

Tales of Fablecraft enables anyone to lead or take part in a campaign with integrated video chat, interactive maps, and tools to help veterans and professionals alike.

You can view the release date trailer here:

Tales of Fablecraft | Release Date Trailer

At launch, the game will come with a full campaign called “Road to the Starfall Festival” for free, with an option to purchase additional adventures, dice skins, and player token skins. These adventures will be added in several updates over time.

Players can create and modify their own characters and keep track of their stats and abilities with the help of a handy character sheet.

GMs are going to receive all information needed to run the campaign and provide background information directly on screen, with options to customise the background.

Combat is made easy for everyone with a top-down tactical view and the option to view abilities and what they do.

A free demo of Tales of Fablecraft is now available on the Steam page so you can try the game before the Early Access launch on the 23rd of July 2024. If you add the game to your wishlist, you will receive a notification when it launches.

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