Legends of Edda: Pegasus Screenshot
Legends of Edda: Pegasus Screenshot
Legends of Edda: Pegasus Screenshot | Courtesy of IndigoWare

Take Flight with Legend of Edda: Pegasus Now in Beta!

The Legend of Edda has received a new lease on life, now published under the title “Legend of Edda: Pegasus” by the brilliant minds at IndigoWare.

The game is already running smoothly and steadily. This is your chance to enjoy a heftier EXP bonus, a whopping 300% to be exact. It’s a golden opportunity to sprint up those levels and conquer the raids of the formidable Snow Dragon Pakeda and Prometheus. IndigoWare also say any Item Mall purchases you make during this beta period will be transferred to the official launch. So you can stock up on goodies without worry.

Legend of Edda: Pegasus | Gameplay Trailer

Legend of Edda: Pegasus is a free PC MMORPG, and is available in both English and Portuguese. Drawing inspiration from the classic games that we’ve all grown to love, Legend of Edda: Pegasus invites you to immerse yourself in a universe deeply rooted in Greek mythology.

As you journey through this enchanting world, you’ll have to choose a side in the great war between gods and Titans. Take on the role of your chosen class, battle mythical beasts and compete against fellow players. You can even adopt a pet to join you on your adventure or refine your skills with the game’s enhancement system.

But that’s not all. Get ready for the ultimate showdown in the Sacred War against rival players. This is a MMORPG like no other.

IndigoWare, the Sao Paulo-based indie game and software studio, is the powerhouse behind this revival. They are committed to developing innovative PC games that echo the classics we love and reinvigorating those classic MMORPGs that shaped our gaming experiences.

If Legends of Edda: Pegasus sounds like a game you’d like to try you can head over to the Legends of Edda website to sign up.

Now it’s your turn! We’d love to hear what you think about Legend of Edda: Pegasus. Are you excited to step back into this beloved universe? Have any predictions or hopes for the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord for some lively discussion.

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