Deadly Rain | image courtesy by FireRing Studio

Survival Horror Game Deadly Rain Is Out Now

The year is 1954, the Soviet Union initiated project “Fear” – a weapon designed to change reality and inducing panic. In an attempt to further develop this project, nuclear power plants were used to disperse hallucinogenic substances through rainfall. In this world, the player has to fight for survival through waves of horrifying mutants in an abandoned village.

Deadly Rain – Announcement Trailer

The game features wave-based first person combat in a dark and chillingly atmospheric world. The hordes of mutants become increasingly stronger, requiring players to find and manage resources like health syringes and ammunition.

Hidden keys will be scattered across the map and can be used to unlock new areas. Over 13 unique weapons will be available in the game, ranging from guns to melee options.

The game developers promise an engaging experience with high replayability value. The game features a very immersive and threatening atmosphere that was inspired by Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty Zombies, Silent Hill, Resident Evil 7, and other horror first-person shooters (FPS). The addition of exploration and survival elements offers another dimension to the FPS genre.

The game is currently available for purchase here:

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