Tin Hearts Key Art featuring a small nutcracker style toy soldier sitting in a toy workshop with the Tin Hearts Logo above it.
Tin Hearts Key Art featuring a small nutcracker style toy soldier sitting in a toy workshop with the Tin Hearts Logo above it.
Tin Hearts Key Art | Courtesy of Wired Productions

Stephen Fry Breathes Life into Tin Hearts’ Animated Prequel, ‘The Little Soldier Who Dared’

Wired Productions and Rogue Sun Rope in the Legendary Actor to Narrate a Heartwarming Tale, Now Streaming on YouTube and Soon on Spotify Audiobooks

The fantastic Stephen Fry has lent his mellifluous voice to a delightful animated short film called ‘The Little Soldier Who Dared’. It’s a prequel to the upcoming narrative-based, puzzle adventure game Tin Hearts. And guess what? You can watch it right now below and soon as a free audiobook exclusively on Spotify.

“The Little Soldier Who Dared,” a prequel to Tin Hearts, premiered on YouTube on May 10, 2023 and is soon to be available as a free audiobook exclusively on Spotify. This delightful animated adventure is set in Victorian times and follows the story of Albert, an inventor, and his daughter Rose as they travel to a toymaking convention. There’s something truly special about Albert’s toys, but even he is yet to discover their secret! 🤔✨

Tin Hearts | The Little Soldier Who Dared – Narrated by Stephen Fry

This heart-warming collaboration is the brainchild of Kostas Zarifis, founder and Managing Director of Rogue Sun, who previously worked with Stephen Fry on the acclaimed Fable games at Lionhead Studios. Zarifis and his team were over the moon when Wired Productions suggested Fry as the voice for their prequel story, and we’re just as thrilled to hear him bring this whimsical tale to life! 🌟

Kostas said: “I first worked alongside Stephen Fry whilst developing the critically acclaimed Fable games at Lionhead Studios. We always had a vision for an expanded story on Tin Hearts, so when our Publisher suggested making a prequel story, with this wild vision of audiobooks and animation, we were in love straight away. Wired then went on to suggest Stephen as the voice they wanted, which we thought was awesome, but maybe too ambitious! Time has moved on since Fable and our passion project for the last several years seemed a million miles away from our Lionhead days. But Wired were pretty confident and within days we heard Stephen was up for it and willing to record over a weekend between shooting in LA. The whole project came together in mere weeks! Alongside our writing team, I was able to start crafting a new story and pour even more into the universe we’ve been building with Tin Hearts. It has been an equally surreal and exciting part of this development and we feel so lucky to have Stephen involved.”

The good news doesn’t stop there! You can purchase Tin Hearts today on Nintendo Switch, or wishlist and prepare for its launch on the 16th of May for PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG *, Utomik), PlayStation 4 & 5, and Xbox consoles. 🎮 On release day we’ll put together a full where to buy guide so you know the best places to buy Tin Hearts.

Now, we want to hear from you! Share your thoughts on this animated adventure in the comments below or join the conversation over at the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We can’t wait to see what you think of this charming collaboration! 🗨️🎉

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