Alone in the Dark Key Art
Alone in the Dark Key Art
Alone in the Dark Key Art | Courtesy of THQ Nordic

Step into the Shadows: Alone in the Dark Spotlight Event Unveiled

THQ Nordic pulls back the curtain on the return of the iconic horror franchise, Alone in the Dark.

Brace yourselves, gaming enthusiasts, because it’s about to get deliciously dark. We’re turning the spotlight on a horror favourite that’s poised for a spine-tingling comeback. That’s right, THQ Nordic is breathing new life into the cult classic, Alone in the Dark. The Austrian game developer has just announced that they’ll be hosting an exclusive live event – the Alone in the Dark Spotlight – on the 25th of May, at 1 am BST (5 pm PST / 8 pm EST / 2 am CEST).

This dedicated mini-showcase is set to be an immersive journey into the heart of Alone in the Dark, where all of your burning queries about the game are promised to be illuminated. What can we expect? Only thrilling new insights and, if the whispers are true, some revelations that may leave you startled.

Alone in the Dark | Announcement Trailer

The return of Alone in the Dark is a homage to the game that dared to redefine the genre. Plunging you into a narrative of psychological horror entwined with southern gothic undertones, the game is set to terrify even the bravest among us. Take on the mantle of one of two protagonists – Edward Carnby or Emily Hartwood – and traverse the eerie depths of Derceto Manor. From navigating monstrous encounters to unraveling mind-boggling puzzles, it’s about to get goosebump-inducingly real.

Rewinding to the 1920s, the game’s plot centres on Emily Hartwood, whose uncle mysteriously disappears. Alongside private investigator Edward Carnby, she finds herself venturing into Derceto Manor – a sinister institution for the mentally ill that houses secrets more horrifying than they ever could have imagined. As the lines blur between reality, mystery, and madness, a world-altering adventure unravels that will challenge everything you thought you knew.

THQ Nordic has partnered with Pieces Interactive in Sweden to recreate this haunting tale. The refurbished Alone in the Dark is due to release on PC, Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation®5.

The return of this horror titan is a poignant nod to the past, pulling you back into the heart of Lovecraftian horror. With its eerie noir-setting in the American south of the 1920s, Alone in the Dark seamlessly combines the known with the otherworldly. Step into the disconcerting silence of Derceto Manor and discover a psychological narrative crafted by Mikael Hedberg, the mastermind behind cult horror hits SOMA and Amnesia.

Prepare to surrender to an immersive auditory experience, with a doom jazz soundtrack that will send chills down your spine, as you fight for survival in a world where reality is crumbling and ammunition is scarce.

Experience the chilling tale through either Emily Hartwood’s or Edward Carnby’s perspective, and unearth the dark secrets of the gothic mansion.

So, there you have it – the mystery of the Alone in the Dark revival has been illuminated, just a touch. Get ready to dive deep into the night on May 25th and remember, you’re not alone in the dark!

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