Starfield: Meras’ First Impressions

After playing nearly exactly two hours of the game I thought I would give my first impressions (please bear with me and my complete lack of sleep while writing this).

I’m going to be doing my best to avoid spoiling anything at all so I will not discuss the story. The game is good looking, with an interesting colour pallet and the introduction takes you through an environment with really interesting lighting effects.

The ability to loot gremlin things cannot be understated, I managed to get myself over encumbered really quickly just from snagging everything I came across, valuable or not. I also managed to spend a good 30-45 mins going “off track” to go look at something shiny before doing the Second section of the main game, and the game didn’t punish me for this.

I do have a pet peeve though, walking is slow. Really Slow. While the O2 mechanic makes sense in most cases, strolling across a planet was a rough time. Im hoping that there are some things you can do later on in the game that increase this.

Found in an Abandoned Construction Site. In the Deep Darkness of Space you are not spared from Spoons

The gameplay itself is pretty tight, I died only once in 2 hours and it was pretty obvious what I was doing was going to kill me. After completing the opening act at just a touch over 2 hours (including my massive detour and a good 10 min agonising choice between keeping spoons or coffee cups) I’m still thrilled to play more.

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