Cats & Soup Key Art
Cats & Soup Key Art
Cats & Soup Key Art | Courtesty of Neowiz Games

Spring into Action: Cats&Soup Cooks up Purr-fectly Exciting New In-Game Content!

NEOWIZ whisks in an array of limited-time rewards, a fancy new facility, and an exclusive PlayKeyboard giveaway for its 40 million-strong community of cat-lovers!

If you’ve been prowling around for some exciting new updates, look no further. Your favourite feline-filled game, ‘Cats&Soup’ by NEOWIZ, is stirring up some fresh, mouthwatering content for all us cat-loving gamers out there!

With the arrival of warmer weather and the blooming month of May, ‘Cats&Soup’ has unveiled a whole bunch of limited-time rewards. The May Queen Attendance Event promises a daily dose of fantastic freebies for all players logging in this month. And we’re not just talking about your average, run-of-the-mill loot, folks. Expect swanky exclusives like May’s Beret, May’s Spring Outfit, and glittering gems!

But, wait! There’s more to this cat-tastic bonanza. The game is also rolling out a brand-new facility, the ‘Kitty Photo Studio’. Here, you can net up to five times more rewards than usual from photo missions. How’s that for an early summer treat?

Fancy some prehistoric companions? Snap up the limited-edition ‘Dino Buddy T. rex Set’ and the ‘Dino Buddy Triceratops Set’. And while you’re at it, why not jazz up your facility with the chic ‘Camping Tipi Tent Skin’?

In a thrilling twist, NEOWIZ is partnering with mobile keyboard app ‘PlayKeyboard’ for a unique giveaway. From May 17 to 31, take part in the MBTI test available through the Cats&Soup game and official social media platforms. The reward? A free keyboard theme tailored to your MBTI type, complete with handy text shortcuts and common phrase keys!

In the spirit of keeping things interactive, Cats&Soup is also promising exclusive in-game items if their promotion post on Instagram hits 300+ comments. So, log in, join the fun, and let’s get those numbers soaring!

The cherry on this gaming sundae is the news that Cats&Soup has smashed through a massive milestone – over 40 million downloads worldwide! It’s clear we’re not alone in our love for this game, and NEOWIZ is all set to serve up more bowls of feline-fun.

For all the juicy details, visit Cats&Soup’s official Korean Instagram account. Don’t miss out on this adventure-packed May, filled to the brim with rewards, laughter, and cat-fueled excitement!

Feeling inspired? Ready to jump in on this wild ride? Download the game here, follow the official YouTube channel, and Instagram to stay in the loop!

Now then, let’s get those gaming fingers ready for action and dive into this soup of fun. And hey, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below or on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord! We’re itching to hear about your best captures in the new ‘Kitty Photo Studio’ or which ‘Dino Buddy’ you’re most excited to bring home.

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