Spiritforged Update Key Art
Spiritforged Update Key Art
Spiritforged Update Key Art | Courtesy of Gentle Giant

Spiritfall Surges Ahead: The Spiritforged Update from Gentle Giant Takes the Game to New Heights

Roguelite Platform Fighter Hybrid, Spiritfall, amps up the game with its second early access content update - introducing Link Blades, Spirit Masks, hub updates, and more!

Brace yourselves because Gentle Giant Games’ popular Roguelite + Platform Fighter hybrid, Spiritfall, is leveling up with a bountiful update – Spiritforged. This marks the second early access content update for this 2D action-packed game, hitting our screens on Wednesday, 24th May at 15:00 BST / 07:00 PST.

The headlining addition in this update is a fancy new weapon – The Link Blades. This isn’t just any run-of-the-mill sword; it has multiple attacks with sweet spots and introduces a new launcher mechanic – Pull and Rush. We’re excited to see how this will bring a fresh dynamic to gameplay and combat strategies.

Spiritfall | Early Access Trailer

Spiritfall is also introducing Spirit Masks. These represent new outfits and powers added for each of the Spirits, letting you customise your characters and adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay.

The Sanctum, the hub area of the game, is also getting a makeover. Expect to see layout changes and enhancements designed to accommodate new and upcoming features.

The Spiritforged update isn’t skimping on the details, either. It includes new weapon enchantments, skills, blessings, quality of life updates, and even Steam achievements. It’s quite the package, right?

If you’re new to Spiritfall, prepare to be enchanted by its beautifully vibrant, hand-drawn art style and atmospheric music. You’ll traverse dangerous lands, fight multitudes of enemies, and experiment with an ever-changing arsenal of powers. The story follows the Omenforged, a warrior of unknown origin, chosen by Divine Spirits to fight against the spreading blight.

Intriguing characters, weapon forging, skill upgrades, and room unlocking are all part of the journey. And if you’re a fan of the intricate characteristics of Rogue-like games, such as randomised run generation and permadeath, you’re in for a treat – but with the bonus of persistent progression through an evolving storyline.

Death in Spiritfall isn’t the end – it’s merely a temporary setback. You’ll reawaken stronger at the Sanctum, ready to use gathered resources to upgrade skills and unlock unique charms before diving back into the adventure.

Spiritfall is available exclusively in Early Access on Steam for PC, Mac andis Steam Deck Verified with an MSRP of £14.99 / 17.49 EUR / 17.99 USD.

Share your thoughts on this update below in the comments, or join the conversation in our Gaming.Buzz Community Discord. We’re particularly interested to hear your thoughts on the new Link Blades. Will they change your combat strategy? How about the Spirit Masks – do you already have a favourite? We’re all ears!

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