Space Engineers: Most Wanted community update

Space Engineers Box Art
Keen Software House
Keen Software House
PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One
Release Date
Feb 28, 2019

Keen Software House have released their latest update, the MOST WANTED update. After having discussed with the community at large as to what additions the game sorely needs, Keen have dropped this absolute monster of an update. When it comes to the updates and DLC, Keen often have a free component and a paid for component. As a way of saying thank you to the fanbase, this update is entirely free.

Their focus in this update is entirely the blocks that the community consider missing, and important bug fixes here and there.

New blocks added to the base game:

  • New Armor shapes (Small + Large grid, Light + Heavy, 10 shapes, 40 blocks total)
  • T Junction Conveyor (Small + Large grid, 2 blocks total)
  • Round Windows (Small + Large grid, 4 shapes, 16 blocks total)
  • Small advanced rotor (Small grid, 1 block)
  • Conveyor Converter (Small grid, 1 block)
  • Half Cover Wall Mirror (Large grid, 1 block)
  • Plushie Engineer (Small grid, 1 block)
  • Ladder Shaft (Large grid, 1 block)
  • Reinforced Conveyors (Small + Large grid, 3 shapes, 6 blocks total)

Free content also being added to the existing DLCs

 Inverted Corner Desks (Large grid, 2 blocks total)

Grated Catwalk Variants (Large grid, 4 blocks total)
Railing Variants (Large grid, 3 blocks total)

Neon Tubes (Large grid got 3 new shapes, S grid got 8 new shapes, 11 blocks total)

Diagonal Window Wall (Large grid, 2 blocks total)  

 Industrial conveyor T-junction 

Diagonal Bridge Window Inverted (Large grid, 1 block)

Check out the update trailer, showing off all the additional items right here.

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