Space Engineers Last Chance sale for all the DLCs!

Space Engineers Box Art
Keen Software House
Keen Software House
PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox One
Release Date
Feb 28, 2019
Where To Buy

In my scouring of the web for some tasty, tasty deals, I have chanced upon Keen Software House’s Space Engineers. I am a huge fan of this game, with a good 500 hours of play time on Steam, so you can trust my recommendation when I say that if you like to play with what essentially boils down to Digital Space Lego, then you should absolutely be playing Space Engineers.

So, the reason for this article is, for the next 27 days by my reckoning, every single DLC for the game is currently 30% off.

That’s right. Every single DLC pack, for a solid discount. Now’s the time to pick them up, if you haven’t got them already!

Check the deals out at this link:, head to “Our Games”, Space Engineers, and you should see all the deals right there.

The deals don’t seem to be appearing on Steam, otherwise I’d just direct you there!

Decorative block #1 pack

Decorative block #2 pack

Style pack

Economy Deluxe pack

Frostbite pack

Sparks of the Future pack

Wasteland pack

Warfare #1 pack

Warfare #2 pack

Heavy Industry pack

That link again, in case you missed it the first time

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