Soul Survivors Key Art | Courtesy of Stingbot Games

Soul Survivors: Dark-Fantasy Roguelite Madness Hits Steam Early Access!

Hey there, gaming fans! Are you ready to dive into a dark and twisted roguelite world? If so, buckle up because we’ve got news that’ll make your gaming senses tingle! Soul Survivors, a dark-fantasy time-survival roguelite by Stingbot Games, has just launched on Steam Early Access for PC and Deck Verified. Prepare to face monstrous foes, level up your characters, and get utterly hooked on this thrilling experience.

Soul Survivors draws inspiration from time-survival games, Soulslikes, and replayable roguelikes to bring you a finely tuned experience that’ll have you gripping your mouse and keyboard (or controller) with white knuckles. And what’s more, Early Access brings with it two playable characters out of a planned six, so get ready for some epic combat and even more variety as development progresses.

Choose between the mighty Bogatyr, an armoured knight with earth-shattering hammers and a powerful horn, or the wicked Necromancer, a master of the undead who wields a deadly spiked flail. Whichever hero you decide on, you’re in for a treat with unique combat experiences and powerups that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Surviving each stage is an adrenaline-fueled challenge, as you face off against a relentless onslaught of terrifying foes before battling even more formidable bosses. But don’t rest easy after vanquishing a stage’s final boss, because that’s when Cursed Mode kicks in, cranking up the carnage to near-impossible levels. Talk about a wild ride!

Soul Survivors builds on the time-survival game genre with a robust combat system that action-RPG fans will adore. And with frequent updates planned throughout Early Access, there’s plenty of new characters, stages, and challenges to look forward to before the full release.

Sterling Selover, the brains behind this twisted creation, promises a unique and entertaining experience for both genre veterans and newcomers alike. If this sounds like the game for you, you pick up Soul Survivors now on Steam Early Access for $3.99 USD/£3.39 or your local equivalent, and let the battle begin!

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