Sky: Children of the Night Key Art
Sky: Children of the Night Key Art
Sky: Children of the Night Key Art | Courtesy of thatgamecompany

Soaring High: thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the Light Set to Dazzle PC Gamers!

thatgamecompany's Beloved MMO Brings Cross-Progression and Unity to a New Audience

We’ve got some fantastic news for fans of thatgamecompany, the brilliant minds behind Journey and Flower. In celebration of their 17th anniversary, they’ve just announced the PC launch of their enchanting MMO, Sky: Children of the Light! This means their heartwarming social adventure will soon be available to even more players, bridging the gap between platforms and connecting gamers worldwide.

Already free-to-play on AppStore, Play Store, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4/5, Sky offers full cross-play and cross-progression for players across all these platforms. Can’t wait to experience the breathtaking beauty of Sky on your PC? Head over to the Steam page and wishlist it plus, you can catch a glimpse of the game’s upcoming PC arrival in the new trailer below.

Sky: Children of the Light | Coming to PC

Sky: Children of the Light invites players to explore stunning, mysterious environments peacefully and collaboratively. As you journey through its open worlds, you’ll forge new friendships and create lasting memories with fellow gamers around the globe. Since its 2019 debut, Sky has amassed an impressive fanbase, recently reaching over 260 million downloads.

“Sky represents our vision of how games can unite people from different backgrounds, cultures and continents,” said Jenova Chen, CEO and creative director, thatgamecompany. “As Sky moves to PC, we can render its realms in stunning detail, but for us, Sky is not defined solely by its technology – it’s an invitation to dream, explore and unite with one another in what we feel is the very essence of human connection in the digital age. The beauty of this world, the depth of its characters and the magic of its storytelling have created a community that extends far beyond the game itself. By introducing this to a new audience, we welcome players of all experience levels as they come together to experience something truly special.”

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