Slipstream Blue Hour Key Art
Slipstream Blue Hour Key Art
Slipstream Blue Hour Key Art | Courtesy of Blitworks

Slipstream Zips into its 5th Anniversary with a Free Expansion and New Console Releases

Blue Hour Expansion Brings New Cars, Tracks, Tunes, and Game Modes This Summer!

Raise your controllers high, gamers! The Spanish indie publisher, BlitWorks, and Brazilian indie developer ansdor have announced a thrilling bit of news to celebrate the 5th anniversary of their arcade racer, Slipstream. In the true spirit of giving, they’re delivering a free content expansion titled “Blue Hour”. And it’s not just a name, it represents a fascinating concept that has inspired the entire expansion.

The phrase “Blue Hour” refers to that brief, beautiful time of day just after the sun has set but before the night truly begins, when the sky takes on a deep, mesmerising blue. This magical time of day, cherished by artists and photographers worldwide, has been captured and portrayed in Slipstream’s latest offering. The expansion incorporates this serene yet vibrant tone into every nook and cranny, from the cars to the race tracks.

Slipstream Blue Hour Expansion | Official Trailer

But that’s not all folks. The “Blue Hour” expansion, set to race onto your screens this summer, boasts three shiny new cars, five exhilarating tracks, five unique music tracks, and two additional game modes. And here’s the real kicker: the new tracks aren’t fictional—they’re set in real-world locations across Europe. We’re talking about experiencing the romantic charm of Marseille, the historic splendour of Pompeii, the mystical allure of Transylvania, the Andalusian elegance of Granada, and the Scottish grandeur of Edinburgh.

What’s more, Slipstream is getting a technical boost, transforming from a late 16-bit game into an early 32-bit one. This development comes complete with new features such as a fog system and a dynamic lighting system that lets cars’ headlights realistically illuminate the track. Ansdor’s skills have clearly revved up since 2018, and the game’s new features showcase this beautifully.

On the audio front, the expansion’s music, crafted by Stefan Moser, aka Effoharkay, maintains the synth pop and jazz fusion influences we all love, but also explores new inspirations. Expect tunes pulsing with energy, diversity, and nods to classics like Ridge Racer 4, Need for Speed, and Wipeout.

The game itself was meticulously crafted over four years by Sandro Luiz de Paula (ansdor), who even built his own custom game engine that recreates the sprite scaling graphic techniques used on 80s and 90s racing games. This engine truly shines in the new expansion, providing silky smooth, constant 60 FPS gameplay that’ll take your breath away.

So gear up, gamers. Prepare to enjoy some pixel art beauty, riveting synth music, and a dash through some of the world’s most exotic locations this summer.

Fancy sharing your thoughts on this upcoming expansion? How about some ideas on the real-world locations you’d like to see in future updates? Drop a comment below or join the discussion over on the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord! We’d love to hear from you!

Where To Buy Slipstream

While this expansion is revving up, Slipstream continues to be available on Xbox, PlayStation 4|5 and Nintendo Switch at 8.50 GBP | 9.99 USD | 8.99 EUR, though the GOG Version is listed at ÂŁ7.19 or local equivalent. We’ve taken a look around the reputable retailers of the Internet (no key marketplaces here) to find you the best place to buy Slipstream today, all the offers we’ve included were correct at the time of writing this article on May 24, 2023 at 9.10am BST.

GOG Store | GOG Version for PC, MacOS & Linux *
Nintendo eShop | Nintendo Switch Version
PlayStation Store (UK) | PlayStation Version (65% off MSRP)
PlayStation Store (US) | PlayStation Version (65% off MSRP)
Steam Store | Steam Version for PC, MacOS & Linux
Xbox Store | Xbox Version for Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S *

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