Slayers X Key Art
Slayers X Key Art
Slayers X Key Art | Courtesy of No More Robots

Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the Slayer Blasts Off June 1st, Offering a Dose of Nostalgic Chaos

Buckle Up: This Hyped Hypnospace Outlaw Spin-off, a Turd-Em-Up in its Truest Form, Is Ready to Show Us What '90s-Style Shooters Are Made Of"

We’ve got some interesting news for you today: the brilliantly bonkers first-person spin-off from the Hypnospace Outlaw universe, Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the Slayer, is finally set to launch. Clear your diaries, because it’s hitting your PC and Game Pass on the 1st of June. It’s time to brace yourselves for a wild ride!

To really appreciate the mad world of Slayers X, you’re going to need a bit of backstory. It all begins with a developer named Zane Lofton from Big Z Studios, who apparently started working on the game back in ’99. However, Zane had the misfortune to lose his masterpiece-in-progress when the CD-ROM disappeared. Two decades later, Zane “found” the CD-ROM and was able to finish what he started, thanks to the publisher No More Robots.

Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the Slayer | Trailer

Sounds intriguing, right? Except, there’s one slight catch: neither Zane nor his studio exist. They are figments of a vibrant, fictional world.

Zane is actually a character from Hypnospace Outlaw, and Slayers X is a lovingly crafted spin-off by the original Hypnospace team. However, that minor detail doesn’t stop us from diving headfirst into the narrative, pretending Zane is as real as you and me, and enjoying the game’s absurdly glorious 18-rated turd-em-up action.

Our “hero” Zane is on a path of revenge after his mum was blown up by the nasty Psyko Sindikate. Underneath the shower of blood, gore, and the odd toilet joke, Slayers X aims to recreate the raw feel of the ’90s shooters. It echoes how Hypnospace Outlaw perfectly encapsulated the operating systems of that same era.

This game screams nostalgia and excess, with weapons that’ll make your eyes pop and cutscenes yanked straight from a time capsule. And the cherry on top? A protagonist who never shuts up, peppering every moment with his crudely colourful commentary.

Slayers X is one of those games that truly has to be played to be believed. It’s a nostalgia-packed riot that’s set to land on Steam and Game Pass for PC and Xbox on June 1st. Get ready for a blast from the past, folks!

But now it’s over to you, our brilliant Gaming.Buzz community! We want to hear your thoughts and anticipations on this outrageous game. Do you think it’ll live up to the hype? Are you excited to delve into the absurd world of Slayers X? Don’t be shy, pop your comments below or hop into the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to join the conversation.

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