Sky: Children of the Light is a social puzzle-adventure game with a peaceful atmosphere in a beautifully animated kingdom, spanning seven distinct realms.

The game, which has previously been available on mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 & 5, is now available for free on Steam in Early Access. Cross-play is enabled so players will not lose their progress if they play on more than one platform.

Official Steam Launch Trailer

In Sky: Children of the Light, players can explore the open world of the Kingdom to find Spirits of the Ancestors and restore the Light in a world overcome by Darkness.

In the game, you can take on quests, explore the ruins of an ancient civilisation and solve puzzles to restore Light. If you enjoy socialising in-game you can play music, attend concerts and even throw parties in your own in-game house!

If you want to play Sky: Children of the Light on PC, you can download it for free here:

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