Silica Key Art | Courtesy of Bohemia Interactive

Silica Blasts into Early Access: A Wild FPS/RTS Crossover!

Grab your pulse rifles and slip into your spacesuits, because Silica is launching into Steam Early Access today! The brainchild of the folks over at Bohemia Interactive, this unique blend of first-person shooter and real-time strategy is sure to pique your interest.

Priced at a cheeky $19.99 during Early Access, the cost will go up to $24.99 on full release. So if you’re keen on getting in on the action, now’s the time to do it! In less than a month since the initial announcement, Silica has already amassed over 90,000 Steam wishlist entries and a rapidly growing Discord community. it seems that gamers worldwide are itching to explore the world of Baltarus and duke it out as the human faction or the planet’s original inhabitants.

During its 9-12 month stint in Early Access, lead developer Martin “Dram” Melichárek is planning to add a slew of expansions and features based on the community’s feedback. So, you lot can have a say in shaping the game!

Here are its key features:

  • First/third-person shooter with vehicles
  • 6 unique locations
  • 3 engaging game modes
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer options
  • 5 infantry classes
  • 11 distinct vehicles
  • 8 alien creatures
  • AI control for both commander and units

This fascinating fusion of genres is looking like an absolute blast! Will Silica be the game that finally brings FPS and RTS fans together, or will it fall flat? We won’t know until we try it, so jump in and let us know your thoughts!

We’re eager to hear your experiences with Silica. Give it a whirl and then drop a comment below or hop into the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord to chat about it. Together, let’s dive into this FPS/RTS crossover and see what all the fuss is about!

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