Shapebreaker Key Art - Courtesy of Alexander Van den Bulck

Shapebreaker – Tower Defense Deckbuilder Leaves Early Access on Steam

Are you a fan of Tower Defense games? Or perhaps you’re into modern Roguelike Deckbuilders? Well, indie developer Alexander Van den Bulck has combined both genres into one exciting game called Shapebreaker – Tower Defense Deckbuilder.

After more than a year of development, the game has finally left Early Access on Steam, and it’s time to dive in and experience the thrilling gameplay for yourself. The game was born out of Alexander’s desire to merge two classic genres into something new and fresh, and it’s fair to say that he’s succeeded in doing just that.

Early prototypes of the game were shared on, where it garnered a great reception from early fans. The feedback received helped shape the game, and it’s thanks to the support of these fans that Alexander decided to move the game to Early Access on Steam.

Since its launch on Steam on July 19, 2022, Shapebreaker has attracted a growing number of fans who have been instrumental in driving the game’s development forward. With the game finally leaving Early Access on May 2, 2023, it’s now ready for players worldwide to experience the full version.

So, what can you expect from Shapebreaker? The game is a Tower Defense Deckbuilder with a twist. Players must protect their base from waves of enemies by strategically placing units and building up their deck of cards. Each card has its unique abilities, allowing players to create a customised and powerful army.

The game features an engaging campaign mode, where players can progress through different levels and unlock new cards, units and upgrades. And for those looking for more of a challenge, there’s an Endless mode where players can put their skills to the test and see how long they can survive.

Shapebreaker is an interesting take on two classic genres, with distinctive visuals and sound design to boot.

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