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Shape Your Destiny in Enshrouded – Out Now In Early Access

Enshrouded, an eagerly awaited survival RPG, is out now in Steam Early Access. The game combines survival gameplay with crafting mechanics and and action-rich combat. Enshrouded is set in a lively, voxel-based world full of different biomes like deserts and mountains. Players can traverse the map freely and choose their own path for their journey.

In the realm of Embervale, your ancestors unleashed dark powers while searching for a way to harness magic. You must survive amongst the ruins of a once flourishing kingdom, defending yourself against hungry wild beasts. While you journey across the world, you will find pieces of the story of the past, allowing you to ignite the Flame with ancient powers.

Enshrouded – Official Early Access Launch Trailer

Enshrouded features action-packed combat against mutated creatures, corrupted by the Shroud. Players can fight challenging bosses and unique enemies based on the biome that they are in.
A detailed skill tree allows players to customise their playstyle however they want. Whether you prefer strong, heavy blows, agile, sneaky surprises or powerful magic – the choice is up to you.

The building mechanics in this game are voxel-based, which means that your creativity is the limit of what you can create in this game. Use different materials to build great monuments and detailed furniture.
Use your builds to re-vitalise the land. NPCs will seek refuge in your home, and will be so thankful that they supply you with advanced crafting and weaponry. Weapons and armour in Enshrouded can be customised to your liking so you can become the most powerful force in the lands.

Enshrouded can be played solo or with up to 16 friends in co-op gameplay. Players can take on different roles according to their preferences and fight, build, and gather together.

If you are interested in playing Enshrouded with other players, you can join our Discord community to gain access to our dedicated community server.

For more information on the game, you can visit the official website.

You can buy Enshrouded (Early Access version) here:

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