Crusader Kings III Key Art
Crusader Kings III Key Art
Crusader Kings III Key Art | Image Courtesy of Paradox Interactive

Settle the Fate of Iberia in New Crusader Kings III Flavour Pack

Crusader Kings III Box Art
Paradox Interactive Studio
Paradox Interactive
PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Linux, PS5, Xbox Series S/X
Release Date
Sept 01, 2020

Add-on Focuses on Struggle For Spain and Portugal, Available Now

Fate of Iberia is the latest flavour pack released by Paradox Interactive for Crusader Kings III. Available as of today, this addition to the award winning medieval grand strategy role-playing game gives players more ways to live out their histories in Spain and Portugal all throughout the middle ages. A centuries long struggle will force you to have to rethink and adjust how to achieve your goals, with a menagerie of competing parties all vying for control of the Iberian Peninsula.

This new flavour pack introduces “Struggles”. A new system that highlights the unique historical circumstances that have often typified regions that have been surrounded by conflict. In Fates of Iberia, players will have new tools for dealing with the specific situations that arise in certain regions. Rival claims, personal grudges, all will have to be managed, all will have to be overcome to truly rule undisputed.

The new features included in Fate of Iberia include:

  • The aforementioned Struggles System.
  • Several new starting scenarios. Will you choose the path of reconciliation, or the path of conquest as you unite Spain?
  • Many new events that will arise. Some specifically related to the lands of Iberia, others simply adding greater variety for all players.
  • New art, unit designs, and character customisation options. Hats, beards, clothing.
  • Additional musical tracks

Fate of Iberia also includes a free update for all Crusader Kings III owners that adds new options and features for all players.

This update will add a new faction type to challenge your ruler, Heads of Faith that can be shared by different religions, vassal contracts for clans, and, of course, a new starting bookmark that highlights interesting Iberian characters for the 867 start date.

Check out the trailer for the Fate of Iberia expansion for Crusader Kings III below!

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