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Setting The New Standard For Productivity Games – Spirit City: Lofi Sessions Review

Tackle that ever growing to-do list in the most charming way with Spirit City: Lofi Sessions. The productivity game, which takes inspiration from cosy lo-fi studying streams, has been released today and invites players to tune in, sit back, and start being productive.

About Spirit City:
“Featured in GameSpot’s “Biggest Game Releases of April 2024” roundup, Spirit City: Lofi Sessions guides players through curating their perfect cozy virtual space, customizing a stylish in-game avatar, and choosing a chill lofi playlist provided in partnership with Homework Radio. With the goal of facilitating real-life tasks with a collection of handy features designed to improve concentration and ease stress, players can stay productive with the in-game tools, or simply relax, while passively discovering cute critters!”

Genres: Cosy, Casual, Life Sim, Relaxing, Productivity

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Spirit City: Lofi Sessions – Launch Trailer

Playing Spirit City is easy, you just create your own avatar, pick a location in your super cosy room, and an activity that you want your avatar to perform. Select a playlist with lo-fi music that fits your mood, choose from a range of ambient sounds, create your to-do list for the day and set a timer. If you are into habit tracking or journaling, you can do those things right in the game as well!

But lets look at the features one-by-one:

Custom Avatar

When you customise your avatar, you can pick from a wide range of natural and unnatural skin and hair colours. A slider lets you choose a more masculine or feminine frame and adjust the weight of your character. All of these settings can be edited freely at any point so you can match your avatar with your mood. In the next step, you can choose your clothes. These are mostly comfortable knitted or baggy clothes in many different styles from cool to dreamy, sporty or natural. More clothes can be unlocked with Spirit Credits, which you will earn for playing the game and leveling up your character.

Custom Workspace

In Spirit City, you can customise your whole room with flooring, wallpaper, furniture and decor. Keep in mind that the layout of the room and placement of the main items cannot be changed as of yet, most customisation options are recolours of the standard furniture or decor. The existing options do allow you to make the room feel like you effortlessly though.

Choosing Activities

Your room has many cosy corners that you can use to study or relax. Choose your bed, your desk, the baywindow, or the fireplace from the Activity menu and pick a location. You can always choose from two or more activities per location so its up to you whether you want to nap in bed or work productively on your laptop!

Setting the Mood

In the Lighting menu, you can choose any daytime from the list and the light and mood in the room will change based on your selection.

Additionally, in the Sounds menu you can turn on and adjust ambient sounds such as the popular rain or fireplace sounds. The options marked with a ✨symbol will change the environment of your room visually as well (turning the fireplace on, rain outside, trees moving in the wind, etc.).

You can also pick a new playlist that fits your current mood or if you simply need a change! There is an option to add your own playlist to the game from an in-game web browser as well.
All in-game playlists have been composed by Homework Radio and are safe for streaming.

Productivity Tools

Spirit City comes with a built-in to-do list and pomodoro timer. The to-do list is simple, just click on add new task, type out what you have to work on and the task will be added to the list. You can re-order the tasks by dragging and dropping them. The topmost uncompleted task will be shown in the bottom right corner, even when the to-do list itself is minimised. Tasks will be saved across sessions so you can track your efforts over multiple days.

The pomodoro timer works like the classic example by setting a time frame for work and breaks. In my example here I have set up 50 minute work sessions followed by a 10 minute break. You can add more repetitions of this cycle by adding or removing circles below the timer. A visual representation of your timer will appear when you start it and a typewriter-like alarm sound will sound at the end of each work or break timer.

Habit Tracking and Journaling

If you like tracking your habits and journaling, you can do both things in Spirit City without having to leave the application! Using the Habit Tracker, you can add any habits you want to track and then a table with the days of the week and checkboxes for each habit will appear. The current day is marked in yellow at the top. You can tick these off and clear the ticks as required.

The Journal allows you to add entries and type away as you wish. Choose from a range of presets, such as typical journal prompts, morning pages, or just free writing. You can create as many entries per day as you want. The text editor is very simple without any text editing tools but it gets the job done.

Collecting Spirits and increasing your Level

You can collect experience (EXP) by completing daily objectives (such as logging in and ticking off a task) or by simply playing the game. Every minute spent in game will increase your EXP.

Increasing your rank will earn you Spirit Credits, which you can spend to buy new customisation options for yourself and your room, and to get new skins for the Spirits.

Which Spirits, I hear you ask?

You can unlock various Spirits by performing an activity with the right combination of ambience modifiers in the game. You unlock the ability to catch more Spirits as you level up and a short text in the Spiritdex will give you a hint as to what the correct settings are. The symbol on the right will glow when the settings are correct, and now catching it becomes a matter of patience. Simply focus on your tasks and when you are done, check if the Spiritdex symbol has a little red dot to indicate that a Spirit has been added. When you click on it, you will see a short cutscene introducing the Spirit and you can now select the new critter to keep you company from the Wardrobe. As mentioned before, you can also buy new skins for the Spirits in your Wardrobe with Spirit Credits.

But… Is it worth it?

In my opinion, Spirit City takes everything that makes productivity games great, combines all features in one, and adds a charming visual style and the option to collect Spirits by using the game’s features creatively. The pomodoro timer has all the functions you need (most other games only let you set one countdown) and the music options are among the best within the genre. While there are certainly areas that could be improved over time, such as more customisation options for the character and room, Spirit City is going to set a new standard for productivity games. Other popular options like Virtual Cottage or Cozy Time simply lack features that this game combines so beautifully.

For me as a heavy user of productivity games, Spirit City is definitely worth the money. Even if you are just looking for a cute gamified music player while you read or journal, this will be a great tool for you.

The only downside to the game I could find is that it can be quite heavy on the performance of your machine, especially if you are using the device to work at the same time. This can be mitigated in part by reducing the FPS to 20 or 30 and closing all applications that are not needed. The developers are aware of this shortcoming, however, and are continuously working on improving the performance of their game.

Rating: 🤍🤍🤍🤍🖤

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