Ships At Sea Key Art
Ships At Sea Key Art
Ships At Sea Key Art | Courtesy of Misc Games

Set Sail With “Ships At Sea” – The Sequel To Your Favourite Maritime Simulators Has Dropped Anchor

The highly anticipated sequel from Misc Games sets course for Early Access in 2024

Misc Games, a distinguished game development studio hailing from Stavanger, Norway, has made waves with the announcement of its upcoming maritime simulator, “Ships At Sea”. Known for the popular “Fishing: Barents Sea” and “Fishing: North Atlantic” titles, the company looks set to elevate gaming experiences to uncharted territories with this highly anticipated sequel.

Stepping up the game with their newest addition to the fleet, Misc Games is buoyant about the forthcoming release. “We are thrilled to announce our upcoming simulator, Ships At Sea, which offers a range of vessels and exciting gameplay features to take the gaming experience to new heights,“ said Yasemin Hamurcu, COO of Misc Games.“With the introduction of the long-awaited multiplayer mode, we are finally fulfilling the wish of our fans”.

Ships At Sea | Announcement Trailer

Deep Dive Into the New Features

Positioned against the stunning backdrop of the Norwegian archipelago and ocean, Ships At Sea boasts a treasure chest of new and improved features. Designed using Unreal Engine 5, players are treated to an enhanced visual experience with highly detailed service, cargo ships, and brand-new fishing techniques such as jigging. The revamped economic system challenges players to manage their careers in fishing, service, and cargo businesses.

The long-awaited multiplayer mode sets sail, allowing up to four friends to embark on an immersive maritime adventure together. The game now caters to a comprehensive cooperative experience, with players sharing resources and items, maintaining and repairing their boats, and stocking up on essentials for themselves and their crew.

For those desiring a career at sea, Ships At Sea offers various skill levels to hone. Skippers can work on delivering goods and materials on cargo ships, while service ships provide a platform for enthusiasts to enhance their engineering prowess.

Weathering the Storm with WaveWorks

Ships At Sea not only presents a realistic maritime experience but also integrates the new water shader “WaveWorks”, in cooperation with NVIDIA, for a breathtaking sea simulation. This innovative feature, paired with the game’s dynamic weather system, authentically captures rain, fog, lightning, and storms, offering players a fully immersive and atmospheric experience on the high seas.

Tracking and Preserving Marine Life

In addition to gameplay advancements, Ships At Sea introduces an innovative tracking system, PingMe equipment from Ocean Space Acoustics, designed to attach to fishing gear. This ensures no equipment is lost at sea, contributing to the sustainability and preservation of marine life. A new marine life AI system, accounting for water temperature, adds a further layer of authenticity to the maritime experience.

Your Own Unique Journey

Ships At Sea offers a unique journey for every player, with character and boat customisation options to fit various career paths. From certificates for boat categories to the introduction of new fish species like halibut, salmon, and spotted catfish, Ships At Sea has left no buoy unturned in delivering an ultimate maritime simulation game.

Make sure to add Ships At Sea to your Steam Wishlist and watch out for its early access in 2024!

Will you be the captain that navigates the treacherous seas or the engineer that keeps the ship afloat? We’d love to hear what role you’re looking forward to taking on in Ships At Sea! Share your thoughts in the comments section below or in the Gaming.Buzz Community Discord.

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