SCP: Secret Files declassifies itself and releases brand new demo for Steam Next Fest

GameZoo Studio
GameZoo Studio, Pixmain
PC (Microsoft Windows)
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Release Date
Q3 2022
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Investigate the mysterious case of SCP-701 ‘The Hanged King’s Tragedy’ on Steam from June 13th – June 20th 

The new demo that has been generously provided by the team at GameZoo Studio will contain an entire chapter from the game, with the demo section specifically investigating SCP-701, The Hanged King’s Tragedy.

Players will be tasked with exploring and searching a huge, mysterious hydro-electric power station, and trying to make sense of the strange and confusing events that have occurred there.

SCP: Secret Files is, of course, based on the SCP Foundation collaborative writing project, and will tell a number of stories based around the activities of the fictional foundation tasked with the protection of all of humanity from all manner of horrifying phenomena and anomalies.

You will join as an assistant researcher and will find yourself knee deep in anomalous materials, and you will have to keep a cool head on your shoulders if you hope to survive all that will happen.
The team behind SCP: Secret Files are planning on the game being the most faithful video game adaptation of the SCP mythology to date.

“It’s our privilege with this game to bring to life some of the most iconic and memorable cases from the SCP Foundation. SCP-701 ’The Hanged King’s Tragedy’ is one of the team’s favourite tales and we can’t wait to see what players think of our adaptation! Be prepared for plenty of scares and keep your eyes peeled for some other special SCP Easter eggs!”

Xiaoliang, Producer at GameZoo Studio

Check out the trailer for SCP: Secret Files below!

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